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Thanks for the Giving, Eh?

Insurance-Canada is a small but vibrant media company.  We rely on a lot of people outside our company to help us with our mission: to report on activities at the intersection of insurance and technology in Canada.

As it is Canadian Thanksgiving, I would like to say thanks to our industry generally and to some very special people.

It started out so simple …

I am one of those folks who came to insurance as a second career.  I started in a marketing role, but within a year, I was seconded to a “Field Office Systems” project.  It seemed so simple:

  • Buy Computers,
  • Select software,
  • Install and configure computers,
  • Train agents and support staff,
  • Celebrate success,
  • Repeat PRN.

… And it got so far out of hand

It took less than 3 months for that plan to come off the rails.  Like most IT folks, I assumed that there were protocols and procedures for the various operating units that would allow us to convert manual process to technology work flows.

These standards existed.  However, they had more exceptions than there were rules.  However, there were some very kind people who led me out of the forest when I got lost.

And they graciously and patiently taught me about the realities and nuances in the operational areas.

It takes a village

I am thankful for:

  • Marketers, brokers, agents, and (now) InsurTechs who are on the front line of insurance sales and service and are developing new forms of processes and consumer engagement
  • Underwriters, who look beyond risk and cost to create a holistic view of the insured, the environment, the background, and the anticipated future.
  • Claims professionals, who prepare for and execute time critical evaluations and responses to risk, including. fire, flood, cyber, liability,
  • Actuaries and analysts who use data and models to translate assumptions into solutions for pricing risk.
  • Executive leaders who deal with future opportunities and threats, to create business plans which optimize the utilization of capital.
  • IT professionals who bring new expertise combined with common sense to support the business plan and identify new processes and procedures
  • Suppliers to the industry who apply their understanding of the business of insurance to deliver new products and services, and
  • Analysts and Consultants who stake independent positions to optimize processes.

The combination of these areas of expertise is powerful.

Friends in need are friends indeed

Closer to home, Insurance-Canada is blessed with external mentors that provide us with new perspectives to explore, as well as tired constructs that need to be put to pasture.

We have two standing groups that I have taken us to a new level ….

  • The Insurance-Canada Advisory Board (ICAB). The members are listed on the Insurance-Canada ‘About Us’ page, and
  • The Insurance-Canada Technology Awards Jury.   These members debate and vote on annual awards for practitioners and suppliers.  The members are announced at the ICTA Awards Ceremony.

At the core …

I am grateful for my partners and colleagues at

Last, but not least, I am always amazed by you folks.  You keep me hopeful and keep me honest about the direction I see in the Canadian insurance space.

Happy Thanksgiving!