ICEF2019: Presentation Topics

7th annual Executive Forum

ICEF2019: “Insurance in the Platform Economy”

Wednesday, August 28, 2019, at the St. James Cathedral Centre

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Is your insurance business prepared to compete in the platform economy? Our expert faculty will offer fresh perspectives and valuable insights as you enter the fall planning season.

Brokers: We are requesting accreditation for the RIBO Continuing Education program; details will be posted as they become available (last year's forum was accredited for 6.0 hours in the Management category).

Confirmed sessions are listed below. More will be added over the coming weeks.

Presentation Topics

Why Insurance?: An Industry Whose Time Has Come ... At Last

Chris Houston
Chris Houston

Chris Houston, CEO, The Change Alliance

Two important and seemingly unrelated trends are converging in the insurance sector to create a particular, rich opportunity for a certain kind of leader.

Over the last 10 years, employees and consumers alike have been demanding that businesses create and deliver greater social benefit. Meaningful work is sought by the best talent. Social benefit, like sustainability, is sought by discerning customers.

Meanwhile, insurance – as a risk transfer industry – only enables the mitigation of a small fraction of the risks faced by many, and it does so at very high cost relative to the benefit. It is ripe for disruption and its digital transformation – a force that has already transformed many sectors – is just such a disrupting force, thereby creating the opportunity to create and reposition businesses that are deeply committed to creating the social benefits that are so very much needed and wanted by todays’ employees and customers.

But seizing such an opportunity requires a particular kind of leadership which combines intellectual agility and emotional maturity.

Explore the risks and opportunities of the days ahead with Chris Houston, who in more than 30 years has worked with numerous leaders undergoing fundamental digital disruption, both in the insurance industry and in other sectors.

What Insurance Platforms Can Do for Insurers and for Platform Sponsors

Donald Light
Donald Light

Donald Light, Director - North America Property/Casualty Practice, Celent

Platforms are hot – think Amazon, Facebook, and Salesforce. Insurance platforms are heating up. But what is an insurance platform? And why does practically every insurance technology vendor have one, or want one?

As an analyst with an eye on the insurance and insurance platforms, Donald will share his perspective on:

  • the components that define an insurance platform;
  • core system platforms, data platforms, and whatever kind of platform is next;
  • the importance of a platform's ecosystem;
  • the value proposition for insurers and for platform sponsors;
  • implications of platforms for insurers, platform sponsors, and ecosystem firms: today and looking forward.

Taking The Leap – And The Risk – Of Innovation

Jeff McCann
Jeff McCann

Jeff McCann, Co-Founder & CEO, Apollo Exchange
Sachin Rustagi, Director - Digital Innovation, Gore Mutual
Neil Mitchell, Co-Founder & President, Player's Health Cover
Moderator: Doug Grant, Partner,

The InsurTech revolution has upended a longstanding insurance tradition of thorough analysis and painstaking development.

This discussion among early adopters of the InsurTech philosophy – in rather different pockets of the industry – will illustrate, through their journeys, some of the challenges overcome, lessons learned, and success stories.

Adopting A Digital-First Mindset To Improve The Customer Experience & Efficiency

Warren Lederer
Warren Lederer

Warren Lederer, COO, Madison Advisors

Digital transformation starts with a digital omni-channel Customer Communications Management Strategy (CCM). While it can be challenging and even risky, knowing where the roadblocks are and how others have been successful can put you a step ahead in improving the customer experience.

But it does not stop there. The conversion continues throughout all the operational processes within the enterprise. To be a digital enterprise, you must consider all the back-end processes that support ongoing servicing interactions—or miss their mark and create a gap in the customer experience.

A digital-first mindset helps to support digital experience initiatives and customer experience improvement. Automation technology, such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and document capture, can improve workflows and back-end processes to ensure successful digital transformation and ultimately improved customer experiences.

You'll learn:

  • Why digital transformation initiatives need to incorporate business processes into the overall strategy;
  • The difference between omni-channel and multi-channel and why it matters to consumers;
  • Best practices of those who have succeeded and how others have failed;
  • Why automating inefficient back-end processes is important for post-sale servicing interactions;
  • Areas along the customer journey where automation can improve customer experiences.

Leadership and Speed to Accelerate a Path to the Future of Insurance

Denise Garth
Denise Garth

Denise Garth, SVP - Strategic Marketing, Majesco

This is a time of disruption and change: a technological revolution; fast-changing customer needs and expectations; and shifts to an on-demand, sharing, gig and platform economy. Some insurance leaders understand this. They have plans and are aggressively responding. Others, however, are slow or are not responding at all. Getting out ahead of the curve is more important than ever. As such ... Leadership matters. Speed matters.

An organization's leaders are responsible for its responsiveness. Early movers are pathfinders – they can experiment with new business models, products and services. Even fast followers hold dwindling options in their hands – to say nothing of laggards – and they place their businesses at significant risk. Speed and leadership are a powerful combination.

But a successful reinvention requires making a large bet – one that can overcome the drag of the old way of doing things. Core technologies such as cloud, mobile, open APIs, cognitive/AI and ecosystems are necessary for speed, innovation and flexibility to adapt to a rapidly changing market.

Insurers should not expect the next generation of insurance customers to adapt to the ways of the traditional incumbent business model. These roles are now reversed: insurers are the ones that must adapt.

Denise will provide insights into the actions needed to modernize, optimize or create the future.

A Peek Into The Future of Insurance

Tim Attia
Tim Attia

Tim Attia, CEO & Co-Founder, Slice Labs

Insurers, brokers, and suppliers are getting to understand InsurTech. Alongside an impressive number of new startups, we are seeing the parallel adoption of InsurTech characteristics (an agile, customer-focused culture, an innovation mindset, and use of new technologies, including artificial intelligence and blockchain) by incumbents.

But even amid the digital revolution, thought leaders have been looking over the horizon at new opportunities and paradigm shifts, both across the insurance industry and around the world.

Tim will offer a glimpse of the future, with examples of the next generation of the previously unthinkable.

Taking Action For Your Insurance Future

Lorie Phair
Lorie Phair

Lorie Phair, Managing Director, Canadian Broker Network
John Elliott, SVP & CIO, RSA
Moderator: Doug Grant, Partner,

Continuing, all-encompassing change is challenging business leaders to provide direction for success.

It is no longer enough to focus on a few aspects of the business. With industry leaders expanding and nimble startups encroaching, everything – collaboration, speed, agility, customer, skills, product, innovation – must be optimized, customized and perfected.

Hear from some insurance pioneers as they discuss:

  • initiatives that are making a difference;
  • which characteristic will have the biggest impact on the industry this year and through the next five years.

Presenters, Panelists and Moderators

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