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In Canada, motor vehicle insurance (including cars, trucks, motorcycles) is mandatory for the combination of the owner and the operator.

Vehicle insurance falls under provincial jurisdiction. Although the basics of liability, personal injury and property damage are all covered, insurance is different in every province. In B.C., Manitoba and Saskatchewan, most coverage is provided solely by a government insurer. In Quebec, bodily injury coverage is a government offering but the remainder is provided by the insurance industry, as is all auto insurance in the remaining provinces and territories. The features and characteristics of the insurance varies dramatically among these jurisdictions, but in all cases the insurance product is very highly-regulated.

Insurance by an appropriately licenced insurer and distributor is recognized as valid in all the Canadian provinces and territories and the United States. Drive safely; be properly insured.

Are you a member of a group? Capture your insurance advantage

Groups bring advantages to their members. One of these can be reduced costs on a variety of products and services. Many groups have negotiated savings on insurance for their members. The Personal provides home and auto group insurance. Read more to see if you are eligible.

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Serving Ontario, Alberta and Quebec

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