AI: The Foundation of Next-Gen Insurance

Industry seminar, May 30, 2018, at BrainStation, Toronto

Are you ready for Artificial Intelligence to transform insurance?

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  • Core Systems & InsurTech: Rolling Dice in an Earthquake
    We have been living in turbulent times with the advent and maturation of InsurTech.  Early adopters (circa 2014) were either politely ignored or openly scorned by large, core-system suppliers and insurers.  This started shifting in 2015-16 where ...
  • AI & Insurance 2030: It’s Already Underway!
    According to three McKinsey partners – Ramnath Balasubramanian, Ari Libarikian , and Doug McElhaney who collaborated on Insurance 2030 – The Impact of AI on the Future of Insurance– there are four, tightly coupled technology trends ...
  • 2020 for Self Driving Cars: The Future of Automobiles and Regulations
    Back in 2013, Catherine Kargas, Vice-President at MARCON, a Montréal based consultancy, presented several sessions at events.  The focus was self-driving or autonomous vehicles. Attendees were interested, but there was no impact ...
  • Fully Digital Insurance: Are You Ready?
    Commentators and practitioners are taking a larger, and longer look at digital InsurTech methods.  Going beyond front end quotes, insurers and brokers are bringing in technologies to improve sales, service, and support.  But this will require ...
  • AI: Infrastructure, Morality, and 5 Time Zones
    Debates about Artificial Intelligence (AI) raise a wide range of operational and ethical concerns. However, the urgency to produce results from AI sometimes means that ethical reviews arrive after the technology is already in production.  Assuming ...

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