InsurTechTO 2018

Driving Advantage From InsurTech

Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Sheraton Centre, Toronto

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MGA Symposium

Technology: The Heart of Your Enterprise Technology In Action Series

Tuesday, November 27 at Malaparte, Toronto

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Latest Posts At The Intersection

  • InsurTechs, Ecosystems, and Consolidation
    InsurTech has emerged over the past ten years, with a rapid acceleration in the last three. One feature has been a ‘no holds barred’ approach, where insurers, brokers, InsurTechs and others seek new insights and opportunities. In some cases, there ...
  • Personalized by platforms: Just what we wanted?
    Ever since I started working in the insurance community, I learned (and repeated) an admonition to tech leaders: “Technology enables, but Content rules.” In other words, knowledge workers (underwriters, claims adjudicators, channel ...
  • Insurance vs Amazon: Does Risk Differentiate?
    If you read enough insurance trade magazines, you would swear that 75% of agents / brokers / insurers would be on the dole in the next year,  The balance of survived insurers would have to compete with large, technology organizations which will ...
  • New Rewards from New Risks
    Back in 2013, the Insurance-Canada staff and a select group from insurers, brokers, and suppliers held a series of study group meetings to help us all understand what would be the major trends over the next 10 years. Looking back, one significant ...
  • InsurTech from the Inside Out
    InsurTechs are creating new, creative, and  helpful tools to improve the customers’ experience in selecting, and using insurance products.  However, there are risks for the start-ups and the insurers that are starting to rely on the ...

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