The Digital Future of Insurance: Is Risk Passé?

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Tuesday, August 28, at the Toronto Sheraton Centre

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Wednesday, November 7, at the Toronto Sheraton Centre

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Latest Posts At The Intersection

  • InsurTech from the Inside Out
    InsurTechs are creating new, creative, and  helpful tools to improve the customers’ experience in selecting, and using insurance products.  However, there are risks for the start-ups and the insurers that are starting to rely on the ...
  • A Tale of Two Standards
    Data exchange has been an important topic for insurers and brokers for the past 51 years.  By and large, the implementations have been complex due, in large part, to complex structures. I recently attended a demo by the Insurance Brokers Association ...
  • This InsurTech Thing Isn’t Going to Work, Is It?
    Periodically, I get the question:  “Is this InsurTech thing going to help at work, really?”   Rather than winging it, I looked up two InsurTech experts to get a perspective of 2018 in motion.  The two had very different scales to measure ...
  • Doubling Down on the Crypto-Heist Game
    Back in February, Business Insider released information on ‘Crypto-heist insurance.’ Only a few insurers had the stomach to take on the risk. Fast forward six months, and we see the appetite increasing. So, what is crypto-heist ...
  • AI: Do It Easy or Do It Right
    Artificial Intelligence is a prime mover for new opportunities in the insurance community.  From marketing and underwriting to risk and claims management, insurers are deploying AI functionality.  But casual implementations can eliminate value. ...

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