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  • InsurTech: Morphing Well with Brokers
    I just ran across a couple of new perspectives on insurance websites. Both suggest brokers are leveraging technology to improve accuracy, decrease turn-around times, and continuously offer new products and services to engage customers. And they are ...
  • Moving Fundamentals: Cashbacks to Platforms
    A recent report from Deloitte Canada – “Insurance re-imagined” – focused on new techniques for to marketing, pricing, and  aligned supports. Forward-thinking insurers and distributors are creating new methods to increase the significance ...
  • Looking Down The Road
    There is an old adage – Parkinson’s law – which says: “Work expands to meet the time and resources that are made available.” When I read a few postings around the Platform Economy, I realized that this was not going to make the cut, ...
  • Travelers’ Autonomous Vehicles in a Mixed Environment
    Autonomous vehicles are coming to roads near you. There are lots of discussions, but recently I saw that Travelers – a major insurer in the US and Canada – had published Insuring Autonomy: How auto insurance can adapt to changing risks. ...
  • Reshaping Homeowners Insurance with Digital
    By Dominic Croucher, Content Marketing Specialist, Square One Insurance Services Responsible homeowners and tenants seeking home insurance have grown accustomed to the same in-person approach favoured by the generations that preceded them. But in ...

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