The Digital Future of Insurance: Is Risk Passé?

2018 Executive Forum — Tuesday, August 28

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  • AI: Do It Easy or Do It Right
    Artificial Intelligence is a prime mover for new opportunities in the insurance community.  From marketing and underwriting to risk and claims management, insurers are deploying AI functionality.  But casual implementations can eliminate value. ...
  • Trōv on Demand: Deja Vu & New Innovations
    New innovations are driving improved consumer engagement and greater flexibility for insurers and brokers to serve their clients.  Behind the scenes are constantly improving products and processes.  Trōv is a great case study of proven skills with ...
  • Innovators: Get Thee to the Lab!
    Digital sales have been the hot topic for a few years now.  But while we are developing new tools, we also need to focus on those who use the tools.  I recently had the privilege of seeing both in practice at Cookhouse Lab in Toronto. Going mobile ...
  • Key Takeaways for Brokers @ Fast Forward 2018
    Last week I had the great opportunity to spend an afternoon at Gore Mutual’s Fast Forward event in Toronto. This was the second time Gore Mutual hosted such an event, which gathered brokers together to discuss common issues and share ideas. It was a ...
  • Operationalizing a New Insurance Model: Is Traditional Risk Passé?
    When I started my insurance career (1983), I was impressed with insurers’ collection of data.  As my career pressed on, the shine faded, as there was little curiosity in using the data beyond specific needs.  However, Big Data, Analytics, ...

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