“Insurance Vectors in Play: Risk, Technology, Engagement”

16th annual Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference
February 27-28, 2018 — Toronto Beanfield Centre

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Latest Posts At The Intersection

  • UBI Resuscitation: A Two-Decade ‘Overnight Sensation’
    Back in the late 1990s, several insurance companies decided to move beyond static automobile rating and use actual vehicle data. After a long, slow start, new digital approaches and shifting consumer mobility needs are offering a larger opportunity. ...
  • “The Envelope, Please”: The Importance of Awards in the Digital World
    For the last nine years, Insurance-Canada.ca, supported by excellent practitioners and suppliers, has delivered awards for the use of technology in the insurance industry. This provides a disciplined process to celebrate technology-driven success ...
  • Artificial Intelligence: Modernity with a Nod to Antiquity
    Artificial intelligence (AI) comes with new opportunities to improve underwriting, marketing, new products, claims, and distribution. However, there are known unknowns, and a history of challenges that have little relationship to the technologies. ...
  • Be there for your policyholders when they need you most
    As auto insurance premiums converge due to increased competition, policyholders are beginning to place more importance on both peace-of-mind and engagement when evaluating their relationship with insurers. While price is still the critical factor ...
  • Disruption to the Core
    Since 2015, there has been an avalanche of new InsurTech applications that are designed to disrupt existing process and products. Initially, insurers were overwhelmed with opportunities. This is changing rapidly. Suppliers are bringing forward ...

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