Sports Insurance

Exercise through a wide variety of both individual and team sports is recognized as a good way to achieve better health and a correspondingly improved lifestyle. Schools and communities often place great emphasis on their local teams, ranging from children's or adults' house leagues to professionally managed ‘amateur’ teams.

Many sports professionals earn their living as elite members of their chosen sports. Winning fame and admiration, these athletes often have a variety of income sources.

Like anyone else, those who participate in sports activities, whether amateur or professional, have their good health and their related equipment which can be, and in most cases should be, insured. The more that their livelihood depends on their sport, the more important the consideration of insurance. This section offers providers of a number of types of insurance specifically targeted at sports participants.

Latest News:

  • Markel Canada announces partnership with Interpodia Technology
    Toronto, ON (Jan. 20, 2020) – Markel Canada Limited, the division of Markel International that provides insurance solutions for commercial liability needs across Canada, has announced that it has partnered with Interpodia Technology to increase compliance and mitigate risk in Canadian sport. This ...