About Us – Insurance-Canada.ca Overview

Insurance-Canada.ca Inc. Information Services

Since 1995, Insurance-Canada.ca Inc. has provided both consumers and insurance professionals with independent and impartial information about technology and the business of insurance in Canada through the following:


  • Annual Insurance-Canada.ca Executive Forum (ICEF);
  • Annual Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference (ICTC);
  • Annual Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Awards (ICTAs);
  • InsurTechTO (ITTO);
  • Broker Forum (ICBF).

Blog & Email:

  • The Intersection – Insurance-Canada.ca's blog, at the intersection of insurance and technology;
  • The Chronicle – a weekly industry email newsletter distributed to 4,000 subscribers;
  • E-mail blasts from Insurance-Canada.ca and our clients on upcoming events.


  • For insurance consumers – a list of featured providers from whom consumers can buy various types of insurance and the news and information relevant to that type of insurance;
  • For industry professionals – a list of product and service providers to the industry, by line of business, and the news and information relevant to that line of business.

Consulting Services:

To explore how Insurance-Canada.ca can support your marketing programs, see our Marketing Services.

Insurance-Canada.ca Senior Staff

  • Gerald Legrove, Managing Partner
  • Doug Grant, Partner
  • Patrick Vice, Partner; Director of Products & Services
  • Kathryn Bertsch, Director of Sales & Marketing

Insurance-Canada.ca Advisory Board

The Insurance-Canada.ca Advisory Board consists of senior member of the Canadian insurance industry, representing our three major constituencies: Insurers, Distributors, and Suppliers. The board members provide knowledge and advice to increase the value of Insurance-Canada.ca products and services for the communities we serve.

  • Debra Ambrose, Senior Vice President - Marketing, Aviva Canada
  • Andrew Bates, Senior Vice President - Market Relations, Marsh Canada
  • Dario Battista, President & CEO, iSure
  • David Crozier, President and CEO, Everest Insurance Company of Canada
  • David Gallagher, Vice President - Marketing, Hubio
  • Christine Haeberlin, Client Executive, IBM
  • Alice Keung, SVP & Chief Transformation Officer, Economical Insurance
  • Jamie McDougall, Vice President - Analytics, Gore Mutual Insurance
  • Lorie Phair, Managing Director, Canada Broker Network
  • Matthew Turack, President - Insurance, CAA South Central Ontario
  • Jeff Walker, Vice President - Sales & Business Development, Intact Insurance Company

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