Reporting Services and Products for Claims

When a loss has occurred, the insured reports that incident to the insurer. In some cases, the insurer may choose to outsource that first report to a service. Whoever is taking the initial report, or a more detailed report following, may use a set of third party tools or services to improve the effectiveness or efficiency of the reporting process.

In other cases, forces outside the insurer's process may cause a unique situation, Although this may also be the case in other jurisdictions, several municipalities in the Province of Ontario direct those involved in non-serious traffic accidents to a police accident reporting centre to reduce the deployment of police to accident scenes. Although companies may set up their own adjusting services in this same location, many insurers have chosen to use the services of a third party in these centres to at least take the first report and provide some unique damaged-vehicle services.

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Facilitating reporting of traffic collisions, in partnership with the insurance industry and police. Member Insurers realize immediate service and financial benefits:

  • F.N.O.L. Integration directly from Police Station;
  • Early claim intervention directly from the Police Reporting Centre;
  • View complete reports & digital photos in real-time from your desktop;
  • Immediate photo imaging of damage reduces fraud;
  • Analytics tool with industry comparisons for claims management, investigations, underwriting, marketing, and a powerful strategic planning tool;
  • Direct telephone links to your claim department, or in-house adjusting facilities in our Reporting Centres available.


  • Appraisal costs;
  • Storage;
  • Rental car expenses;
  • Fraud.


  • Direct repair program use;
  • Customer service;
  • Retention.