CRU Group Introduces Groundbreaking Wildfire & Earthquake Catastrophe Training Programs

Toronto, ON (May 22, 2024) – As a trusted independent catastrophe claims services provider, CRU GROUP is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking CE accredited training programs aimed at addressing the challenges posed by wildfire and earthquake catastrophes.

In recent years, communities worldwide have faced increasingly frequent and severe natural disasters, with wildfires and earthquakes ranking among the most devastating. Recognizing the industry’s need for comprehensive preparedness and response strategies, CRU GROUP has developed innovative training programs designed to ensure leadership and adjusters are equipped with the skills necessary to mitigate risk, respond effectively, and facilitate swift recovery in the aftermath of such events. These training initiatives represent a proactive stance on disaster preparedness, drawing upon 20 years of experience in effectively responding to catastrophes across Canada and the United States.

The Wildfire Training Programs include a Management & Operations Preparedness Session designed to strengthen Wildfire Catastrophe Response Plans with updated insights and enhanced tools to facilitate the best response possible. Furthermore, the Wildfire Claims Adjuster Training Program offers a comprehensive curriculum provided to enhance the skills needed to effectively handle wildfire claims and support insureds during challenging times.

Similarly, the earthquake training module focuses on seismic risk assessment, building vulnerability analysis, emergency preparedness, and post-disaster recovery strategies. The Leadership/Management Preparedness Program presents thought-provoking questions to enable insurance leaders to anticipate an unprecedented event in Canada and the Earthquake Claims Adjuster Training Program provides practical training for Field Adjusters in an unfamiliar discipline, distinct from anything they have previously encountered.

By providing individuals and organizations with the necessary knowledge and tools to anticipate, prepare for, and effectively respond to disasters, we can mitigate the loss of life and property and cultivate more robust, resilient communities.

The launch of CRU GROUP’s wildfire and earthquake training modules represents a significant milestone in the company’s initiative of ‘Canadians helping Canadians’ and their ongoing commitment to disaster preparedness and response. For more information about these innovative training programs or to inquire about scheduling a training session, contact [email protected].

About CRU Group

Founded in 2004, CRU GROUP provides loss adjusting, claims management and staffing solutions for the Property and Casualty industries across the United States and Canada. CRU GROUP also offers specialty claims administration through Maltman International and is a member of the Context International global adjusting network. Insurance educational and accredited continuing education services are offered through the Group’s Academy of Insurance Adjusting (AIA). The Group’s Head Office is in Toronto, Canada. The U.S. Head Office is in Dallas, Texas. For more information, please visit


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