ICTA Nominations

2024 Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Awards

Winners were announced at the 2024 Technology Forum in Toronto

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Nominations have closed

Thanks to everyone who submitted a nomination!

The details of each nomination will be posted and featured in the Chronicle newsletter over the coming months.

Discover the winners on February 27th in an awards ceremony at the 2024 Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Forum in Toronto. Until then, follow the latest on Twitter using the hashtag #ICTA2024.


NEW for 2024

This year, there are two distinct categories of ICTAs:

  • Insurance practitioners: Those businesses which “do” one or more process steps in the transacting of insurance business, using their own rules and processes.
  • Technology and other providers: Those who provide – even run or manage – technology or produce generic data for insurance practitioners.

See below for details about each category.

Insurance practitioners


  • Nominee must be using the technology application;
  • Nomination can be by a third party;
  • Group nomination for up to three (maximum) insurance practitioners, e.g.:
    • An Insurer (or MGA) and a Broker; or
    • An Insurer/MGA and/or Broker (e.g. a third-party offers insurance from the provider embedded with their product).
  • The nominated technology application can be a new feature or function of an older system;
  • Technology application implemented after Jan. 1, 2021, but before Sept. 1, 2023 (to allow some time to assess benefits);
  • A Technology or other Provider may nominate an Insurance Practitioner. The Provider will be recognized as a Provider within that nomination and any award.

Eligible Businesses:

  • Doing core insurance business, e.g. Insurers, Brokers, MGAs, Reinsurers;
  • Doing related insurance processes, e.g. Quote comparison, lead generation, premium financing, repair and restoration, claims outsourcing, etc.
  • If in doubt, ask.

Technology and other providers


  • Technology application is developed and maintained/managed by Nominee;
  • Technology application may operate in customer’s enterprise facility or as SaaS;
  • The nominated technology application can be a new feature or function of an older system;
  • Nominated technology application implemented after Jan. 1, 2021, but before Sept. 1, 2023 (to allow some time to assess benefits);
  • Nomination can be by a third party (e.g. a customer or partner);
  • There must be a named reference account with contact information (you may request that the reference customer be kept confidential)

Eligible Businesses:

  • One of these conditions must be met:
    • Corporate office or main development is in Canada; or;
    • There is a marketing presence and program in Canada; or;
    • A customer is using the product for insurance purposes in Canada.
  • If in doubt, ask.

Notes About Nominations

Nominations may include additional material in support of the application. All such information will become the property of Insurance-Canada.ca and may be used by Insurance-Canada.ca on its website, in print, or elsewhere.

If the nomination contains any proprietary information, please mark that information clearly so that it will not be released. Note that all information submitted will be shared with the members of the ICTA jury.

References may be requested to validate evidence of the impact.

Others can be recognized with an Insurance Practitioner Nominee A Technology or other provider who is noted in the nomination as a significant contributor to a nominee will be recognized with the nominee any time that there is reference, and will also be recognized as an ICTA winner or finalist when the nominee is so acknowledged.

The Technology or other provider can ALSO be separately nominated in that category.

Group nominations – for “multi-party business application implementations”: When the group nomination wins, each member will be recognized.

Supporting the Nomination

Juries in the past have favoured nominations with specific metrics.

Evidence of the positive impact of the technology operating in this environment must be real, and could be supported by:

  • Return on investment;
  • Increased revenue (overall, per client, per segment, etc.);
  • Decreased costs (overall, by department, by function, etc.);
  • Business agility – time to market, entry to new market segments;
  • Improved service levels, evidenced by improved satisfaction, increased revenue per client; improved retention, higher premium volume per client;
  • Improved customer satisfaction (evidenced by customer feedback, surveys, etc.).

What’s next? The Judging

What's next? The Judging

The nominations received by the deadline will be reviewed by the Insurance-Canada.ca Partners, and all qualified nominations will be passed into the judging process.



If you have questions about eligibility or nominations, please contact [email protected].