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Nominations have closed for the 2020 ICTAs

Nominations have closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted!

  • Organizations may nominate themselves or others. All nominees will be contacted to confirm willingness to receive an award.
  • “Multi-party business application implementations” are welcome (see Notes below).
  • All award nominations must be supported by a completed application form.
  • For inspiration, take a look at the details of the 2019 Nominees – or watch the video below from the 2018 ICTA ceremony:


Each nominee must be involved in the Property & Casualty business as an Insurer, Distributor (broker, agent, MGA, etc.), or Supplier (see Eligible Businesses for details and further criteria).

Practitioner organizations (Insurers and Distributors) must do business in Canada. Supplier organizations must do business with organizations involved as Insurers or Distributors in Canada.

The computer application or technology must have been in production for three months or more in the nominee's production environment, supporting actual insurance activities in Canada.

Notes About Nominations

Nominations may include additional material in support of the application. All such information will become the property of Insurance-Canada.ca and may be used by Insurance-Canada.ca on its website, in print, or elsewhere.

The application should not include any information that is proprietary; however, references will be sought to validate evidence of the impact. If the nomination does contain proprietary information, please mark it clearly so that it will not be released. Please note that all information submitted will be shared with the members of the jury.

References may be requested to validate evidence of the impact.

Technology providers who are noted as significant contributors to a nominee will be recognized with the nominee any time that there is reference, and will also be recognized as an ICTA winner or finalist when the nominee is so acknowledged.

Group nominations – for “multi-party business application implementations”:

  • At least two members of the group must be insurance practitioners: insurer, broker, services provider (appraiser, independent adjuster, restorer, etc.).
  • When the group nomination wins, each member will be recognized.
  • As above, technology providers – maximum two in the group nominations – who significantly contribute will receive ICTA recognition when the nominee is acknowledged.

Supporting the Nomination

(Hint: Juries in the past have seemed to favour nominations with some specific metrics.)

Evidence of the positive impact of the technology operating in this environment must be real, and could be supported by:

  • Return on investment;
  • Increased revenue (overall, per client, per segment, etc.);
  • Decreased costs (overall, by department, by function, etc.);
  • Business agility – time to market, entry to new market segments;
  • Improved service levels, evidenced by improved satisfaction, increased revenue per client; improved retention, higher premium volume per client;
  • Improved customer satisfaction (evidenced by customer feedback, surveys, etc.).

What’s next? The Judging

What's next? The Judging

The nominations received by the deadline will be reviewed by the Insurance-Canada.ca Partners, and all qualified nominations will be passed into the judging process.


If you have questions about eligibility or nominations, please contact [email protected].