Business Insurance

Businesses, non-profits and charities all purchase or consider the purchase of insurance as part of good management practices. In larger organizations, risk managers are continually evaluating various risks to the organization and implement programs to reduce and manage those risks, and purchase insurance to backstop remaining exposures. Smaller organizations may depend to a greater extent on the advice of insurance specialists to help identify those risks and select insurance to help ameliorate the losses should they occur.

In this section providers of insurance and other products, often with a specific focus, promote their services. As well, the articles and announcements listed below, where applicable, provide additional information in your risk assessment and insurance purchasing decisions.

  • Credit Insurance: Helping Your Business in Three Ways
    By Patrick Adam, Commercial Damage Insurance Broker, Nacora International Insurance Brokers Ottawa, ON (Mar. 7, 2019) – What if someone told you about a product that could reduce your risk of catastrophic financial losses in a similar way to how a home insurance policy protects you from fire? ...