Broker Management Systems

Property and casualty insurance brokers have grown organically and through mergers and acquisitions and are often sizable businesses in a complex and sophisticated business. In order to help in both operations and management of the business, computers now play an integral part.

Far from the days of enhanced accounting systems, Broker Management Systems (BMS) today offer a broad range of tools which help sell and service customers, manage the business internally and exchange data with a variety of insurance companies and information providers.

In addition to the many core functions provided by most BMS providers, many offer standard or customized interfaces to complementary systems used for special purposes.

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Featured Providers

Rival Insurance Technology, formerly CSSI, is a leading provider of solutions that improve the competitive position of our customers and business partners. TBW Flex is a cloud-hosted broker management system for insurance brokers. TUW Flex is a cloud-hosted management system for MGAs. R-Connect is a complete company connectivity solution for carriers.

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