InsurTech Spotlight Submissions

Submission Criteria

Our InsurTech Spotlight directory allows any insurance practitioner (insurer, MGA, Broker, insurance services provider, etc.) that is – or is becoming – an InsurTech, and any that is offering InsurTech(nology) to insurance practitioners, to provide information about their products or services to the insurance community.

For this purpose we have divided the InsurTech domain into two categories:

1. Insurance Practitioners — these must:

  • be regulated in Canada in insurance (reinsurers, insurers, MGAs, Brokers, Agents, Adjusters etc.) OR be another part of the insurance process (provide data for quoting or underwriting, do lead generation, offer inspections or claims services such as restoration/repair, etc.); as such they will be considered insurance practitioners;
  • do business in Canada;
  • use leading digital technologies in an innovative way to perform some significant aspect of an insurance business process.

2. InsurTech(nology) Providers — these must:

  • be based in Canada, have an office footprint in Canada, be actively marketing and selling in Canada, or have Canadian insurance practitioners using their technology in Canada;
  • in addition, they should:
    • be offering solutions with leading edge technologies such as predictive analytics, AI, Blockchain, voice, etc.;
    • be going through or have been though a (in)formal incubation, accelerator, innovation centre process;
    • have been funded at least in part by a formal InsurTech investment process;
    • be offering products which display some aspect of industry innovation which responds to a need to be more “digital.”

NOTE: Some firms may be both insurance practitioners and InsurTech(nology) providers. To be listed twice, a separate submission is required (and welcomed) for each.

Submission Form

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If you have questions, please contact [email protected].