How Brokers Can Attract And Retain Customers With Niche On-Demand Insurance

Brokers operate in an ever-evolving digital landscape where consumer preferences are defined by big tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. These companies have accustomed consumers to an ever-increasing level of convenience and choice.

It’s no surprise then that an insurance broker that is able to provide quick, easy, and tailored insurance solutions will see their ability to attract and retain clients grow almost exponentially.

Samos’ unique product offering, underpinned by its proprietary data model and its quick and easy quote to policy issuance process, is being used by brokers as a lead generation tool as well as a powerful customer retention solution.

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Wednesday, August 16, 1:00-1:30pm (ET)

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Featured Speakers:

Leon Punambolam
Leon Punambolam,
Founder & CEO,
Samos Insurance

Leon has spent 20+ years in the insurance industry in North America with leading firms including Manulife Canada, Cowan Insurance, Canada Protection Plan, and more. Throughout his career, he has led critical initiatives, from redesigning the distribution strategy for one of Canada’s largest insurance companies through to conceptualizing and launching a startup incubator for a top FI in Canada.

As CEO of Samos Insurance, a VC-backed InsurTech offering on-demand insurance for the un- and under-insured, he continues to push the boundaries of how technology can be leveraged to provide Canadians with the right coverage when and how they need it. He is a recognized thought leader and frequent speaker on insurance distribution and the critical role of technology & innovation in insurance.


Doug Grant
Doug Grant

Doug has been helping the insurance industry in Canada – individual companies and cross-industry groups in both P&C and Life – make effective use of technology for many years. Insurance innovation is his passion.

Doug is a founding partner of, a leading resource centre for insurance professionals and consumers. He enjoys planning and hosting industry events, both in-person and virtual, that feature today's changes and tomorrow's possibilities.

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About Samos Insurance

Samos was founded around a single mission: to provide security to folks having surgery. With the backing of world-class investors and insurers like Y Combinator, SiriusPoint, Axis Reinsurance Company and Berkley Life & Health Insurance, Samos is proud to offer a quick, simple and modern way for patients and their loved ones to get peace of mind and insurance coverage when they need it, how they need it. For more information, please visit

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