InsurTechTO 2018: Overview

Driving Advantage From InsurTech

Wednesday, November 7, 2018, at the Toronto Sheraton Centre

InsurTech is extending its reach into every corner of insurance, reducing friction costs, expanding use of internal and external data, and improving the all-important customer experience. In the face of new entrants armed with innovative approaches, insurers, brokers, risk managers, claims managers and services providers are adopting the same technologies and leveraging their industry experience to better face the competition.

InsurTech uses technology innovations to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model.

InsurTechTO will examine the current state of the business of insurance, the forces having an impact, and the trends shaping the future.

  • enhancing consumer engagement and the customer experience;
  • building new insurance products and services;
  • enabling omni-channel distribution;
  • utilizing collaborative development and accelerating time to market;
  • leveraging investments using new business models; and
  • facilitating enterprise digital transformation.

Experience the dynamics of InsurTech with tech start-ups, practitioners, and facilitators.

Learn from industry leaders who will help you prepare for tomorrow

  • Learn how others have taken advantage and become InsurTechs.
  • Learn from InsurTechs which are now in business.
  • Assess how InsurTechs differ from traditional competitors.
  • Hear about possible forms that InsurTech may take.
  • See key obstacles that have been overcome, and are anticipated for tomorrow.
  • Uncover the opportunities which have arisen because of InsurTech.
  • and more ...

Planned sessions include:

  • An Analyst's Perspective — InsurTech as a distinct category from FinTech has existed for only a couple of years. Learn how the IsnurTech scene is playing out and where it may go from an insurance industry analyst.
  • Facilitating the InsurTech [R]evoution — InsurTech ideas germinated with typically young but usually penniless entrepreneurs with no where to turn. A whole "facilitation" industry (incubators, innovation hubs or labs, ideation groups, accelerators, etc.) has filled the void. Hear about the changes in this space, and where it may go.
  • Incumbent Practitioners Adjusting Course — Some incumbents may be waiting to see where the dust settles but most have taken action in response to the new products being offered by InsurTech startup insurance practitioners and to the new InsurTech(nologies) available in the market to improve processes and the customer experience.
  • InsurTech(nology) Providers — Like insurance practitioners, purveyors of applications using new approaches and technologies challenged those from the older school; now all are adjusting and the next generation of functions are available, or on the drawing board. Discuss with them and ;learn what is new.
  • Startup Pitches — Get a better sense of what is springing up around us in these short and snappy presentations.
  • New and Emerging Technologies — How are the new technologies like hype-cycle AI, ML, Blockchain, Voice etc playing out; what impact may they have and when; and what else is just behind the curtains waiting to emerge.

A pundit noted that things in insurance have never changed this quickly before, but they will never change this slowly again.

Join your peers and explore the future; it starts tomorrow.

RIBO Credit

  • Brokers: We will be requesting RIBO accreditation for this event.
  • Our 2017 InsurTechTO event was accredited for 6 hours of continuing education in the Management category.

Who Should Attend?

  • Insurance practitioners involved with innovation: insurers, brokers, and MGAs;
  • InsurTechs / insurance technology providers & practitioners;
  • Anyone who is working to become an InsurTech – practioner or provider;
  • Anyone who wishes to enter or improve the InsurTech space.