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Driving Advantage From InsurTech

Wednesday, November 7, 2018, at the Toronto Sheraton Centre

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Hear how your business will be affected by the forces driving change in – and disrupting – the insurance industry. See how industry leaders and experts have initiated and executed their own programs in response to the upheaval.

Keynote: Disruption In The Insurance Industry—Are We There Yet?

Sharon Ludlow
Sharon Ludlow

Sharon Ludlow, Executive in Residence, Global Risk Institute

We've all heard a lot about disruption; and witnessed its impact on the travel, music and taxi industries, just to name a few. But have we really seen disruption in the Insurance industry? How much further do we have to go and what does the end game look like? Insurers and brokers are investing heavily in digital transformation to improve customer experience and transform their business. But will it be enough? New entrants are changing the landscape rapidly, and yet seemingly there is no clear winner. Significant competitive advantage is at stake; yet there are significant obstacles still in play.

This keynote address covers the current and future state of disruption in the Insurance industry and sets the stage for the events of the day.

Customer Experience Is The Product

Jim Klotz, Vice President - Research & Consulting, Novarica

Jim Klotz
Jim Klotz

How are incumbents learning, adopting, and instilling the lessons of Insuretech into their product offerings? How does this impact the InsureTech industry? Are there risks associated with the adoption of these technologies into carrier products?

Competition to acquire new customers, retain current customers, and enter new market spaces continues to be pushed by the new digital economy and the changing demographics of our population. This session will provide insight into the impact of InsureTech on the customer experience and on product development.

Where Insur + Tech Meet: The Collaboration Story of a Top 5 Insurer and a Technology Startup

Peter Primdahl, VP - Emerging Business Models, The Co-operators
Philippe Lafreniere, Chief Growth Officer, Slice

Philippe Lafreniere
Philippe Lafreniere

We often hear about the insurtech disruption taking place in the insurance marketplace. Yet the stories behind the realities are those of collaboration—collaboration between InsurTechs and insurers.

This fireside chat will explore the partnership between The Co-operators and Slice whose story examines new digital products, new ways for growth and new ways for customer interaction and satisfaction.

Book of Business Data Management: From Necessary Evil to Business Driver Using Analytics

David Kelly, Founder & Architect, BobTrak Inc.

David Kelly
David Kelly

Distribution channel data can provide deep insights into customers, compliance, fraud prevention, profitability, and more.

Analytics is the key when you bring data together from disparate systems.

This session will demonstrate the capabilities to turn the management of data into a driver for operational efficiency and enhanced revenue.

How eSignatures Enable Digital Insurance Transformation

Fred Onorato, Regional Sales Manager, OneSpan (formerly eSignLive)

Fred Onorato
Fred Onorato

In this session, Fred will discuss how insurers can build better digital experiences for their customers with electronic signatures – irrespective of their organization’s digital maturity level.

Key topics will include:

  • Different stages of a digital transformation journey
  • Where eSignatures fit at each level (with examples + ROI)
  • Metrics, processes and technology
  • Best Practices and the building blocks for a successful digital strategy

InsurTech Startup Pitch Competition

Andrew Lo, InsurTech Innovator
Adam Mitchell, President, Mitchell and Whale Insurance Brokers
John Rocco, VP - Marketing & Communications, Travelers Canada

Andrew Lo
Andrew Lo

A number of start-ups will pitch their ideas for a technology-enabled insurance innovation or solution before a panel of expert judges.

Learn more or apply to participate.

There will be a prize for the winning start-up, along with bragging rights.

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