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Driving Advantage From InsurTech

Wednesday, November 7, 2018, at the Toronto Sheraton Centre

Hear how your business will be affected by the forces driving change in – and disrupting – the insurance industry. See how industry leaders and experts have initiated and executed their own programs in response to the upheaval.

Learn from thought leaders addressing a variety of topics, from autonomous vehicles and InsurTech to digital marketing, CX, AI, blockchain, and more. See something that interests you? Get on-demand access to every presentation delivered at the event!

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Keynote: Disruption In The Insurance Industry—Are We There Yet?

Sharon Ludlow
Sharon Ludlow

Sharon Ludlow, Head of Insurance Investment Strategy, OMERS Capital Markets

We've all heard a lot about disruption; and witnessed its impact on the travel, music and taxi industries, just to name a few. But have we really seen disruption in the Insurance industry? How much further do we have to go and what does the end game look like? Insurers and brokers are investing heavily in digital transformation to improve customer experience and transform their business. But will it be enough? New entrants are changing the landscape rapidly, and yet seemingly there is no clear winner. Significant competitive advantage is at stake; yet there are significant obstacles still in play.

This keynote address covers the current and future state of disruption in the Insurance industry and sets the stage for the events of the day.

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