Insurance Marketing and Social Business

In the bigger picture, marketing is a blueprint for your business – what products and services you will provide to whom, how you tell them about it, show them it is the right thing and complete the sale, deliver the product and then provide the service that goes along with it.

Here you will find information mostly about the sales cycle, from building awareness through fulfillment and then the after sale-service which is crucial to keeping the customer – and growing with the customer – for life.

The internet changed the nature of communications and many elements of marketing added a digital variation. Social media then brought a completely new twist by making the public equal participants in the brand, product, service discussion. From gee whiz tools a few short years ago, social tools are now being operationalized - integrated into company procedures and processes.

As the complexity and automation of Marketing including the use of Social tools expands quickly, strategies, technologies and competition are changing quickly. The ability of any insurance organization, small or large, insurer, distributor or even service provider to respond appropriately is becoming more important.

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