P&C Policy Management – All Lines

There are many providers of comprehensive policy management systems to administer all lines of P&C insurance. Due to the large volume of personal lines policies, most systems focus on these policies first. As there is a wide variety of commercial lines with typically much lower volumes, and each with a unique set of complexities, the ability to process these is often less automated.

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Featured Providers

SEH Computer Systems Inc., offers the latest Software Solutions & Custom Solutions for the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry.

TITAN – The Only Insurance Software You Will Ever Need.

Our comprehensive insurance system meets all your needs and requirements, including:

  • P&C1 Reports to assist Accountants;
  • Automatic Rating for Underwriters;
  • Automatic Reinsurance Calculations for Claims;
  • Premiums Receivable/Payable for Accounts;
  • Statistics, Images, Abeyances, Notes, Encryption;
  • ... and more.

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ISI-Enterprise by Insurance Systems Inc. is a fully-Integrated browser-based P&C policy administration suite which includes all major modules to allow an insurer to run their business. In addition to the core processing modules for policy administration, claims, billing, accounting and reinsurance, the system includes various supporting sub-systems such as document/knowledge management, contact management and reporting. Insurance Systems Inc. provides enterprise class software solutions for small to mid size carriers.

ISI-Enterprise is 100% browser-based and facilitates all back office workflow for effective insurance underwriting, distribution and management. Underwriters can quickly design and implement specialty programs and new lines to react to market demands and opportunities.

ISI-Enterprise allows you to: book more business, better manage risk, maximize the profitability of all your distribution channels, lower administrative costs and increase profits.

  • Advanced browser-based architecture with no underlying legacy code
  • Powerful configuration module to streamline implementation
  • Library of generic reports, documents and workflows
  • Automatic transactional versioning
  • Integrated rules and rating engine
  • "Build not code" philosophy
  • Real time transactions
  • Multi-tier server structure

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