Ad Specifications

This page details the requirements for advertisements submitted to

Ad Specifications – Images

Ad Type Dimensions (width × height)
Top Leaderboard 728 × 90 pixels
Big Box 300 × 250 pixels
Rectangle 180 × 150 pixels
Button 160 × 125 pixels maximum

All ads should be submitted as JPG or GIF (static or animated). Filesize should be no larger than 40KB. Logos should be no larger than 15KB.

Images for use in email should be static, not animated, for broadest accessibility.

Specifications for Button Ad & Listing packages

The required material consists of the following (see sample Button Ad & Listing below):

  • Your company name
  • Button Ad – see specifications above.
  • Link to take readers to your target page
  • Link to your “contact us” page on your site
  • City of your head office, or Canadian head office, and if you wish to list up to three other offices in Canada, or add a phrase such as “Six Offices across Canada”
  • Where in Canada you offer your services: such as “Serving all Canada,” or “Serving B.C. and the prairie provinces” or “Serving southwestern Ontario”
  • A short description of your main service(s) (7-10 words), or up to four or five product or service names (2-3 words each), with optional links to descriptions on your site
  • A description of your company, products, services, etc. – your “sales pitch” – up to 150 words Inc. offers a wide range of health insurance and dental insurance solutions designed for individuals, families and businesses. We are a nationally licensed brokerage, and have been in business since 1981. We offer:

Individual Health Insurance designed for individuals and families.

Get instant quotes from up to 5 insurance companies; View a detailed graph of the results!

Group Insurance (employee benefits) designed for businesses and their employees.

Insurance companies we are brokers for include:

  • Manulife Financial (Flexcare, FollowMe, Alpha Plan for Small Business, and more).
  • Sun Life Financial (Individual and Group Insurance).
  • Ontario Blue Cross (Individual Health, Business Owners).
  • Standard Life (Group Insurance).
  • Great West Life (Personal Health).

Your insurance needs will be handled by experienced Canadian insurance specialists who will take the time to understand the nature of your benefit requirements.

Specifications for Email Blasts

Contact your sales representative to arrange and book an e-blast. Please note: We limit e-blasts to a certain number per week. If you wish to schedule your e-blast for a specific date, be sure to book as early as possible.

If you wish to use our standard e-blast template, all you need to provide is text (including hyperlinks if appropriate) and one or two graphics (optional); we will lay out and send to you for approval.

If you wish to submit your own customized e-blast, you may. Please note the following best practices:

  • Submit a single *.HTM or *.HTML file – no proprietary formats such as EML (Microsoft Outlook), please;
  • Only in-line CSS should be used (no separate stylesheets or header style element);
  • Layout width should not be greater than 700px, if possible;
  • Hyperlinks should be direct to the targets (e.g., our distribution client will not permit redirects);
  • Animated GIFs are discouraged, as only the first frame will display on some email clients;
  • Light-coloured text that requires a background image or dark background for legibility is discouraged.


For more information or assistance in designing a tailored advertising program to reach your target market, e-mail Sales & Marketing.