AI: The Foundation of Next-Gen Insurance

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“AI: The Foundation of Next-Gen Insurance”

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 — BrainStation, Toronto

Nearly 80% of insurance executives believe artificial intelligence will revolutionize the way insurers gain information from their customers, with more than half saying the biggest benefit is being able to leverage better data for improved insights into the customers. Blake Morgan, customer experience futurist, writing on

Insurance AI will underpin the future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will support insurance professionals – including underwriters, claims professionals, risk managers, finance professionals, marketers, and brokers – in ways never imagined before.

At a basic level, AI can shorten learning curves and provide advice and guidance at all levels from new hires to senior professionals and executives.

AI, including Machine Learning, provides consistency of results in complex situations. This reduces non-productive, menial tasks, freeing the knowledge worker to concentrate on strategic objectives.

Going deeper, AI, including deep analytics and deep learning can understand changes in data and operations by analyzing aggregated data to identify new risk patterns and claim/fraud patterns. This will focus strategic directions, and reduce, or eliminate manual data analysis.

AI, including natural language processing in text or voice, can converse with insurance professionals to provide support, and with customers directly to address a situation or provide direction.

Emerging Cognitive systems – beyond AI - are designed to solve problems by thinking, reasoning and remembering. This approach gives cognitive computing systems an advantage allowing them to “learn and adapt as new data arrives” and to “explore and uncover things you would never know to ask about.”


Topics will include:

  • Leveraging the Power of AI to Innovate in Insurance
    Andrew Lo, President and CEO, Kanetix Ltd.


  • AI – definitions and distinctions
  • Case studies from insurers and brokers
  • Where will AI go from here?
  • How will AI change insurance?
  • And More

Who Should Attend

The Technology In Action series is designed for:

  • Leaders with responsibility for business transformation who are considering/evaluating AI as a part of their program;
  • Line managers responsible for delivering operational business value who follow technologies in order to be current;
  • Technology professionals evaluating analytic, business intelligence, or cognitive computing technologies;
  • Business and technology architects and analysts charged with keeping current on the changes that new technologies are enabling.

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This event will take place at BrainStation, in Toronto:


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