Term Life Insurance

If you die during your earning years, your family could suffer a severe economic loss as a result of losing your current and future income.

Tip: Life insurance coverage allows your family to continue living comfortably and with less worry.

Life insurance provides a cash benefit upon one's demise to assist the remaining family members and prevent financial hardship. Term life insurance is the most basic of life insurance products in that it has no savings component, and thus no cash value. As the name makes clear, it is purchased for a ‘term.’ However, term life comes in many different flavours, with differing terms, conditions, features and guarantees. It can be purchased in many ways. Your employer may offer term life with special terms as a benefit to you and your family. Many affinity groups (alumni associations, professional groups, etc.) offer special products and pricing.

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- Term life insurance is a great alternative to bank mortgage insurance -

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