How Brokers Can Harness AI and Data to Thrive

As Brokers continue to operate in an ever-evolving digital landscape, it may seem daunting to even try to compete with direct markets who can offer customers a seemingly fluid online experience. But is this the whole story? Absolutely not. Because convenience is only one part of the puzzle. What the consumer wants is Choice.

Amazon does not sell a product, it gives online shoppers optimized choices matching their needs, and does it better than anyone. How? They use big data, AI and automation.

In this presentation, Trufla CEO Sherif Gemayel will dive deep into how a broker can use unprecedented amounts of data to inform and transform strategies to sell not just choice, convenience, and optimization, but create an experience that direct writers simply cannot do through advocacy.

Data and AI can help a broker make targeted and informed decisions about the brokerage, reduce operational expenses and automate day-to-day tasks.

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Trufla Technology

Wednesday, July 19, 11:00-11:30am (ET)

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Sherif Gemayel
Sherif Gemayel,
Trufla Technology

After a decade as CEO of start-up Sharp Insurance, an innovative and fast-growing brokerage where he created, launched, and reiterated digital tools, Sherif realized his passion was in broker software tool development.

As CEO of Trufla, a global software provider for the distribution channel, he continues to push the boundaries of what brokers can do through data and digitalization. Sherif is a recognized thought leader and frequent speaker on insurance distribution and the critical role of independent brokerages. He is also a registered advisor through the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).


Doug Grant
Doug Grant

Doug has been helping the insurance industry in Canada – individual companies and cross-industry groups in both P&C and Life – make effective use of technology for many years. Insurance innovation is his passion.

Doug is a founding partner of, a leading resource centre for insurance professionals and consumers. He enjoys planning and hosting industry events, both in-person and virtual, that feature today's changes and tomorrow's possibilities.

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About Trufla Technology

Originating in the insurance sector, Trufla has expertly integrated real-world insurance knowledge with advanced AI technologies to design tools that revolutionize the distribution process. With a global client base exceeding 200, Trufla is committed to leveraging AI to empower distributors to thrive and expand in an increasingly digital world. Trufla’s innovative product suite includes an AI-driven customer self-service platform, comprehensive sales and customer management solutions, digital marketing strategies, and AI-fueled data insights. Boasting a diverse team of over 100 specialists in insurance, web development, AI, app development, and UI/UX, Trufla has rapidly emerged as a premier AI-centric insurtech provider in Canada, earning the title of 2022’s Best InsurTech Provider by Insurance Business Canada. For more information, visit

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