Travel Health Insurance

Travel protected — make sure you have adequate health insurance when out of the country.

Tip: Be sure your coverage is valid; disclose your existing conditions when shopping so your claim won't be denied later.

Travel and tourism are among the world's largest industries – many people travel. But when you leave home, you face risks which you don't have to deal with in your normal home environment:

  • After you have made your plans and purchased your tickets, your own ill-health or that of a close relative may prevent your planned trip. Trip cancellation insurance can help you recover the cost of the tickets.
  • When you travel, your baggage is often taken from you. Occasionally, theft or loss by a transportation carrier occurs. Proper baggage insurance will allow you to recover your financial loss.
  • Illness and accidents don't wait for you at home. Thankfully, with good excess health insurance you can avoid the financial expenses of health services elsewhere – bills which can be staggering.
    • To purchase or obtain a quote for travel insurance, consult any of the providers listed below. When you decide to buy, the broker, agent, or company must be licensed in your province.

      If you have non-government health insurance through your employment for example, check with them to see if your existing insurance covers your travel needs adequately.

      For visitors from outside Canada who didn't purchase travel insurance, Visitor to Canada coverage is available for insurance for medical expenses they may incur here.

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Free Consultation: 1-800-474-4474 offers online travel insurance to visitors to Canada, Canadians travelling abroad, and international travelers.

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Special Benefits Insurance Services is Canada's leading agency for individual health, dental and travel insurance. We offer affordable insurance for short and long term travelers, visitors to Canada, students studying in Canada or travelling abroad, and expatriates.

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