Insurance Distribution

Insurance distribution has changed radically with the advent of the Internet. The early vision of online insurance sales (if you build it, they will come) has been superceded by reality: just because you built a website does not mean customers will beat a path to your virtual door to buy their insurance.

These days, business-to-business elements of e-business are capturing the lion's share of the attention. Brokers are now emerging from the threat of disintermediation with a renewed focus on the client and prospect – and armed with new partnerships, kitbags bursting with additional products, and a formidable set of Internet tools. Direct writers are also vying for share with increasingly sophisticated Internet, CRM, and other tools. Never before has the customer been at the centre of such a fierce battle.

  • HTM Builds A Better Quoting Experience for Prospects and Customers
    A 2018 ICTA nomination Toronto, ON (Jan. 22, 2018) – HTM worked with MCCG in 2017 to design and develop an Online Quoting Solution (OQS) for the purpose of providing an easy to use ‘consumer centric’ web based quoting tool for the consumer and a ‘lead generator’ for the sales distribution channel ...

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