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The Broker Forum (ICBF) is an event for brokers and for insurers who distribute through the broker channel. With customers perpetually expecting more and technology increasingly ubiquitous, the forum offers an in-depth look at the trends, issues and opportunities for this type of distribution in its evolving environment.

Since 2018, this event – and its broker-focused content – has been combined into the annual Technology Conference.

Past Conferences


2nd annual Broker Forum

ICBF2017: “Disruption ⇒ New Realities, New Opportunities”

Tuesday, Febrauary 28, 2017, at the Toronto Allstream Centre.

At its core, insurance is about indemnification – making whole or providing compensation – after a loss. That much remains the same. But in every other way, insurance is changing, responding to consumers' preferences and their evolving needs within a world which itself is undergoing change like never before.

When partners can also be competitors, or even customers, strong proactive tactics not only give an edge, but increasingly prove key to growth. The 2016 Broker Forum will help you better assess your options for success.


1st annual Broker Forum

ICBF2016: “Brokers on the Digital Expressway”

Tuesday, March 1, 2016, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Brokers are competing strenuously. They understand all too well the need to out-market and outsell the competition, to offer competitive products and to excel at customer service. While brokers are continuously enhancing their positions, the competition is more aggressive than ever with insurers embracing multi-channel strategies and doubling down on Big Data and sophisticated analytics tools for marketing and service delivery.

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