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IBM Research and UC San Diego Collaborate to Advance the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Living

UC San Diego is the first West Coast university to join the IBM Cognitive Horizons Network Armonk, NY (Sept. 28, 2017) – IBM and the University of California San Diego have announced a multi-year project to enhance quality of life and independence for aging populations through the new Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Living Center (AIHL),… Read more »

Internet of Things Platform for Insurance: IBM White Paper

Toronto, ON (Sept. 1, 2017) — Life and business as we know them are changing. As people increasingly embrace and incorporate connected technology into their daily lives, the insurance industry will need to effectively respond to how consumer trends are shifting. For insurance carriers, the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) doesn’t lie only… Read more »

Majority of CMOs and Sales Leaders Say Cognitive Computing Will Be a Disruptive Force in Their Industries – But Are They Ready for the Disruption?

Nearly Two-Thirds of Surveyed CMOs and Sales Leaders Believe Their Industries Will Be Ready to Adopt Cognitive Solutions by 2020 Armonk, New York (Aug. 8, 2017) – While marketing and sales professionals increasingly find themselves drowning in data, a new IBM study finds that nearly two thirds (64 percent) of surveyed CMOs and sales leaders… Read more »

Half of CEOs Plan to Adopt Cognitive Computing by 2019

73 percent of surveyed CEOs also say cognitive computing will play a key role in their organizations’ future: IBM survey Armonk, NY (July 6, 2017) Cognitive computing has nearly endless possibilities to improve business processes and functions with 73 percent of surveyed CEOs in a recent IBM study citing it will play a key role… Read more »

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Are InsurTechs Defining the Next Generation of Enterprise Systems?

Since the mid-1970s, there has been a core group of suppliers who provide enterprise systems specifically designed for P&C insurers. The group changes periodically, with mergers, acquisitions, and new technology. However, the basic functions haven’t changed much. InsurTech may be the catalyst for disruption. Back in the day …. Insurers were one of the first… Read more »

New Customers, New Insurance products, Same PAS?

Looking at the current state of some insurers’ core systems in the P&C  insurance world suggests that certain IT managers and project sponsors would do well to spend a  bit of time meditating  on one of Thomas Pynchon’s proverbs for paranoids: “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry… Read more »

Selective Innovation: Reason for Celebration or Contradiction in Terms?

Criticizing insurers for their lack of innovation and technical progress has been a sport for at least 3 decades.  The most recent focuses on ‘digital transformation’.  The reality is that many insurers are very innovative, but not always focused on organizational transformation.  As an industry, are we missing the boat, or floating as best we… Read more »

ORBiT 2015: Digital Lively, but CRM May Still Be Dead

At ORBiT Real Time Day this week, the majority of discussions were vibrant – focusing on effective use of new technology and building better digital connections in the broker world – until one attendee turned to the funereal topic of CRM.  Then things got really lively. I’d like your thoughts. What’s an ORBiT, Mom? And… Read more »

What Opportunities and Threats Will You Be Facing in the Next Decade?

We are launching our theme and content for the 2015 Executive Forum (ICEF2015), and to make this event as valuable as possible, we  want to get some of your feedback in advance so our session presenters can be fully prepared to engage in real dialogue with attendees. This post will focus on the high… Read more »

What is Digital Marketing? Exactly What YOU Make It To Be

A wise marketer once told me, “As brevity is the soul of wit, in our world, simplicity is the heart of marketing.”  I sense that we may be introducing unnecessary complexity, and creating barriers to entry, as we move from physical to digital channels.  I’d appreciate your thoughts here. First, What is ‘Digital Marketing’? A great… Read more »