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Digital Divide: A Tale of Two Insurance Models

Common wisdom says that insurers must adopt digital technologies in order to become more flexible, more innovative, and more effective. The alternative is to face ‘disruption’ with insufficient resources to respond. But is this assumption accurate? Let’s compare two insurer models and develop some thoughts on the value propositions. The ‘digerati’ Digital transformation is a… Read more »

On Digital Marketing, Transformation, and OREOs

Would you pay $15 for a box of OREOs, delivered as a present? Not a question I normally ask, but the answer – which came at the Strategy Institute’s Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit last week – was riveting and instructive on several levels, including the future of IT and Marketing. The marketing construct… Read more »

Who is Driving the Digital Customer Experience?

For the last two decades or so, insurers and brokers have focused on internal systems and processes in order to improve efficiencies for underwriting, claims, and client service. Marketing had little involvement. The model is changing, with marketers leveraging technology to  drive the agenda for customer interaction, with  interesting implications for the whole enterprise.  The 13th annual… Read more »

Are You Asking Your Customers to Wait 2½ days for an Auto Quote?

There’s an old saying about how surgeons sometimes have a narrow view of success: “The operation was a success; too bad the patient died.” A recent report on insurers’ responses to digital consumers could update this: “The marketing campaign exceeded expectations; too bad we didn’t write any business.” It looks like marketers and communications people… Read more »

Balancing Digital & Personal Communications: Twitterus Vobiscum?

Pope Francis weighed in on balancing digital and personal communication last week.  While His Holiness was focusing on good works and matters of the soul, His words reflect what analysts and consultants are finding to be good counsel in creating a balance between digital and personal communication concerning matters of insurable interest. Communication will be… Read more »

Are Commercial Lines Buyers Ready to Go On-Line?

There is a long-held belief that commercial lines insurance, regardless of the size, require a personal agent or broker to be effectively  marketed, sold, and serviced.  A new report  (based on US data) is questioning this assumption, raising some technology, operational, and marketing issues for everyone involved in small commercial insurance.  We’d like to know… Read more »

Is Gen Y Dead? Marketing in a Post-Generational World

Is Gen Y nothing more than a product of a not-so-imaginative imagination?  Some social media experts are suggesting just that.  In the new marketing world, traditional ‘generational’ segmentation is losing its value relative to other factors.  And marketing strategies are morphing as well. We’d like to know:  Do you feel ready to market in a… Read more »

How Do Consumers Want To Be Served? Do We Know, or Think We Know?

“How may I help you?” It seems like an innocent enough question, but our success going forward  may depend on knowing the correct answer for each prospect or customer we serve.  Specifically, we need methods to understand each consumer’s attitude about how much of his or her personalized information we can (or cannot) use. This… Read more »

Tales From Agent Social Media: The More I See You, The More I Want You

A recent report and an interesting case study are underscoring how resilient the independent P&C distribution system is, and how social media can support it.  Our question to you:  Is the use of social media a key element for survival of independents?  And if so how is it benefiting you? Positive Trends for US Independents… Read more »

Are On-Line Quotation Services Moving Beyond Price?

There are stirrings in the wind which suggest that on-line quotation systems may be moving beyond price and into quality.  Here’s the question:  Are we just suffering from incurable optimism in the face of a continuing soft market, or is this a real trend? We recently posted on Google’s entry into on-line insurance quotations in… Read more »