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Insurer On-line Marketing Opportunities High, Use Low – Accenture

In an interview with eMarketer, Michael Costonis, Executive Director, Insurance North America for Accenture said that the state of insurance with respect on-line marketing “is probably slightly behind banking, which is really behind the rest of the world in terms of online sophistication of marketing.”

According to Costonis, this is in spite of consumer trends toward on-line insurance resources.  “We’ve started to see a higher percentage of potential insurance customers showing up on the internet as their first stop for an insurance transaction, primarily to research and gather information. The statistics estimates vary from the low 70% range to the upper 80% range,” he commented in the interview.

This adds another dimension to findings from a Fiserv study on financial institutions use of social media this blog reported on in December.  Costonis notes that there are a few high performers, which are making serious investments, but most insurance organizations are  are spending at half or two-thirds the leaders’ levels.

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I find, at least anectdotally, that organizations in Ontario have a greater web presence than BC. When I google the most common keywords consumers search regarding insurance, the google search results come up with more pages originating from Ontario based organizations than other provinces. As a BC broker, I’d like to see more in-depth professional development courses covering online marketing topics offered. I have been to courses offered by other institutes such as CICA, but I found the topics covered to be too surface level to be of much help. I think if we are to have any chance of catching up in online sophistication here in BC, we need to include it in the curriculum for broker education.

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