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Modern Technology and the Apple

Most everyone has heard about the great success of the iPad with consumers. Lesser known is the penetration within the business community. And insurance is no exception.

Geico has taken to expanding a popular customer application, Glovebox, to a variety of devices, including the iPad. Watch this to be the norm for any insurance applications. (Big issue: Apple is still resisting support for Flash.)

More significantly, insurers are seeing the value of this device for knowledge workers. Lloyd’s has started a pilot project to use the devices in the underwriting process.

Sue Langley, Director of Market Operations at Lloyd’s, said it was a next step in applying technology in the market: “This is a small, simple pilot – literally an iPad ‘out of the box’. By simply replacing the paper with something easier to carry, but which allows amendments and links to other services, we continue to support the underwriting and face-to-face negotiation that makes Lloyd’s unique.”

Vendors are picking up on this. Keal technology recently announced its support for the iPad platform.

What do you think? Is this new technology coming to your office? Should it?