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Millennials Leading the Way for Digital Transformation

With 75% of the workforce expected to be made up of digital natives by the year 2025, digital communications are becoming more and more important. I’m not a millennial, but I live with a few of them, and I have noticed some differences. Big Group/Big Differences.  Big Dollars/Big Opportunities. At first I didn’t buy into… Read more »

Can Brokers Manage the Next Wave of IT?

As we look over the topics we have covered in this space, it occurs to us that the brokers might be getting hit with more IT than they expect over the next little while.  We’d like to know what you think, and, if you are part of the broker distribution value chain, what, you think… Read more »

Is Insurance CRM Dead, or Does It Just Smell Funny?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has had a chequered history in the insurance industry.  There is significant potential value, but precious little that has been realized.  The question is, can this change? Here’s my experience … The second IT project I worked on in the insurance industry was developing and deploying a CRM solution for multi-line… Read more »

What Happens When Consumers Know More Than We Do?

A colleague of ours was recently bemoaning the lack of interest that insurers and brokers are taking in new developments such as social and usage-based insurance.  Our friend suggested that without a working knowledge of operational tools, such as social media, and technologies such as  telematics, we’re falling behind our customers and won’t be able… Read more »

AXA: Just a One-Bullet Digital Insurer? (We Think Not)

Recently, our friend Denise Garth from SMA posted a blog on a ‘game-changing’ announcement:  AXA France and Facebook entering into a strategic partnership.  This post has quickly made the rounds and caused the count of exclamation marks in emails and tweets to increase geometrically, as other insurers try to absorb the implications of  a global… Read more »

Independent Agents and the Disappearing Internet: The Road to Insurance 2024

Recent research suggests that the Internet, and related social functionality, is becoming ‘invisible’ — simply blending into, and augmenting, our normal activities.  This is not just a theoretical construct for leading independent insurance agents and brokers, as the experience of a six-person independent insurance agency demonstrates. We’d like your thoughts on the phenomenon of the… Read more »

Balancing Digital & Personal Communications: Twitterus Vobiscum?

Pope Francis weighed in on balancing digital and personal communication last week.  While His Holiness was focusing on good works and matters of the soul, His words reflect what analysts and consultants are finding to be good counsel in creating a balance between digital and personal communication concerning matters of insurable interest. Communication will be… Read more »

Analysts: Customer is Queen, Data is Crown Princess

Two recent reports are making it clear:  The winners in the new insurance game will be those who recognize that the driving force for change is the customer, and data and analytic tools will be key enablers for the change.  We’d like to know:  Does this message resonate with your organization, with your colleagues, and… Read more »

Social Media Policy and the Insurer: Aligned or Self-destructive?

A colleague of ours recently related a story which reminded us that we are still talking from both sides of our mouth when it comes to using social media. We’re wondering how prevalent this situation is and what you think can or should be done. What’s good for the goose might not make it to… Read more »

Is The Media the Message for Successful Brokers?

What differentiates a  broker/agent who successfully uses social media for marketing from one who does not?  Is it the right media — or something else? We’d like to compare a few examples and then make a suggestion.  We’d like your thoughts. What Does Success Look Like? In our view,  success in the use of social… Read more »

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