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What’s a Nice Insurer Like You Doing with a Sensor Like That?

American Family Insurance and Microsoft Corp. recently announced the establishment of a business accelerator which will focus on home automation.  According to the release, “the accelerator will help the next generation of startups create advancements that can help lead to safer and smarter homes.” We also think that this will help American Family get a… Read more »

Is IT’s Elevation of Role Raising Risk Levels?

The profile and influence of  IT are expanding — rapidly. Business leaders speak about the integral role of IT in modern commerce.  We see lots of articles saying that IT is one of the growing professions.  Even the NASDAQ is supporting pretty aggressive multiples on technology stocks with little talk of a bubble.  It’s a… Read more »

Cloud, Agility, Innovation: Is This the New Holy Triangle?

IT professionals are familiar with the sacred triangle of projects: Scope, Resources, Time. The idea is that, as in a right triangle, the scope of a project will drive the requirements for resources assigned and the time allocated for the activities. It seems that there is another triangle forming in the sky, suggesting that the… Read more »

It’s a Big (Data) World Out There

Most of the buzz around big data focuses on marketing, for good reason. However, there are myriad additional applications for Big Data; separately, they are significant, and together, they can transform insurers’ external and internal activities. Big Data and analytics will be important topics at the 2014 Technology Conference next month. In advance, we’d… Read more »

2014 Imperative: Execute New Technology Initiatives Effectively

Over the last few years,  it seems we have entered yet another era of dramatic changes in technology and applications in the insurance industry.  We have seen new core administration systems based on modernized technology, applied analytics tools and engines,  usage-based insurance programs, tapping into telematics devices, etc.  There is increasing reliance on cloud-based services,… Read more »

Does IT Have A Future in Marketing?

As insurance organizations finish their planning sessions for 2014, we are getting an impression that the coming year will be a watershed for the industry as a whole, and for IT in particular. We get the sense that the priority for most organizations will be execution of externally-focused business plans to respond to unprecedented challenges… Read more »

Big Data Secrets, Including How to ‘Fail Correctly’

Big Data is a huge topic for insurers these days. A number of projects are being contemplated, with high expectations. However, Big Data projects differ from other IT projects in several respects. Some useful advice is emerging from several sources, including the value of scoped failure. The Insurance 2023 Forum will welcome several experts to… Read more »

Is Integration the Weakest Link in Systems Modernization?

Systems modernization projects continue to occupy the lion’s share of IT time, resources, and budget in many insurance organizations. Two oft-cited reasons for these initiatives are (1) to respond to business needs for rapid access to more and better data, and (2) to support new, customer-facing applications. Several recent reports suggest that there is a… Read more »

Social Media Trending Sideways – Is That A Good Thing?

Back in 1999, Homer Simpson’s daughter Lisa told her father that she could show him how to order pizza over the Internet.  Homer replied:  “The internet? Is that thing still around?”  The Internet had gone beyond the initial hyper enthusiasm into a steady state presence that fell below Homer’s radar.   We’re increasingly seeing anecdotal  information… Read more »

Analytics Getting Operational In Intelligent Claims Processing

Analytics capabilities are seen by insurers as essential tools for intelligent claims handling, so much so that technology suppliers are moving to embed analytics offerings within claims administration systems.   Two leading experts, while underscoring the value that analytics can bring to claims handling, offer a cautionary note about over-reliance on silicon tools to the exclusion… Read more »