2018 Technology Conference: Presentation Topics

16th Annual Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference

“Insurance Vectors in Play: Risk, Technology, Engagement”

Feb. 27-28, 2018 — Beanfield Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto

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Hear how your business will be affected by the forces driving change in – and disrupting – the insurance industry. See how industry leaders and experts have initiated and executed their own programs in response to the upheaval.

Learn from thought leaders addressing a variety of topics from behavioral science to digital claims, from autonomous vehicles to digital marketing, from CX to AI, from InsurTech to technology-enabled insurance products. Discuss with your peers. Register now.

Brokers: We are requesting accreditation for the RIBO continuing education program; details on eligibility and credit will be posted as they become available.

Presentation Topics

Keynote: Millennials Driving Consumer and Insurance Markets

David Coletto, CEO & Founding Partner, Abacus Data

David Coletto
David Coletto

There are now more Millennials (born 1980-2000) than Baby Boomers (born 1943-1960) in Canada, and this new, emerging, and powerful consumer group is fundamentally shifting markets and picking winners and losers.

David will share his insights from more than seven years of research and offer a Canadian perspective on generational change and the disruptive forces at work in the consumer market generally and the insurance market specifically.

Blockchain: Is It The Future of Insurance Technology?

Iliana Oris Valiente, Managing Director, Global Blockchain Innovation Lead, Accenture; Founder, ColliderX

Iliana Oris Valiente
Iliana Oris Valiente

While blockchain is far from mainstream, within the past months it has become a leading topic of interest throughout the insurance space. Blockchain and InsurTech together is the next natural progression of the technology. This disruptive technology has the power to simplify the claims process, alleviate high premiums, help insurers create niche coverage and, most importantly, benefit those who live in catastrophe regions. Hear from one of Canada's leading experts in blockchain, who will explore its uses and what this innovation means for the future of industry.

Delivering a Next-Gen Experience to the Next-Gen Applicant

Samir Ahmed, Principal & Sr. Architect, X by 2, LLC

Samir Ahmed
Samir Ahmed

The life insurance industry has been abuzz with improving customer experience in life insurance for the past few years, both broadly, as well as specifically for the new business and underwriting process, since that's when policyholders and carriers have traditionally had the most touch points. It might seem like a tired topic to revisit in 2017, but the number of carriers that have yet to (fully) implement capabilities such as end-to-end electronic application, end-to-end eSignature, straight-through policy issuance, and eDelivery of policy, just to name a few, indicates otherwise. What is behind the low adoption rates for such capabilities? And more importantly, what can we do to drive higher adoption? Hint: it's not lack of awareness or desire to implement! This presentation will answer these two questions, and leave attendees with actionable takeaways for moving the needle forward on adoption of digitization and improving the customer experience in the new business and underwriting process.

New Opportunities: Integrating Telematics Data in Claims for Immediate and Future Value

John Heffernan, Sr. Sales Director – Claims (North America), Octo Telematics

John Heffernan
John Heffernan

The Canadian insurance market is adopting telematics and interested in learning about its value proposition beyond Usage Based Insurance. Exciting new opportunities with telematics in claims management present compelling use cases for both insurers and consumers. Telematics data delivers a lot more value to insurers, including a significant reduction in the average cost of claims, as well as the ability to combat fraudulent claims and streamline crash detection processes for greater accuracy and improved data combination techniques that optimize data from individual resources. Telematics speeds up the entire claims process, and the sooner an insurer begins such, the lower the average claims cost.

How to Train your A.I.

Steve Holder, Strategy Lead - Analytic Ecosystems, SAS

Steve Holder
Steve Holder

When thinking about how your organization can take full advantage of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it's important to acknowledge that these technologies are not silver bullets for solving your business problems. Raising and training a helpful machine system is something that takes a lot of clean data, foresight and work.

In this session, our data scientists will walk through what it takes to become the proud parent of intelligent machine systems. We'll be discussing:

  • Data recipes with which to feed your young AI so that it can grow big and strong;
  • Training tips to help ensure that it gets the best job in the market;
  • Lifecycle management to prepare it for a changing workforce.
  • Lastly, we'll share aspirational stories of where your young, intelligent systems might find work one day.

Focused Differentiation Through Data Science, Lean Start-Up & Digital Ecosystems

Hashmat Rohian, Sr. Director & Managing Enterprise Architect, The Co-operators Group Ltd.

Hashmat Rohian
Hashmat Rohian

We are witnessing a new evolution in digital transformation—from “same-same but different” digitization to unique digital value propositions.

Hashmat will explain this next wave in digital business and highlight the foundational capabilities required to enable it: lean start-up powered by data analytics, automation, API economy, optimized for the cloud.

CX: Today's Reality and the Path Ahead for Insurance

Moderator: Mark Breading, Partner & Chief Research Officer, Strategy Meets Action

Mark Breading
Mark Breading

The customer is the centre of attention in all industries. The nature of their products and services influences each industry's relative progress, and insurance certainly has its own set of challenges. They are being addressed by leading companies, brokers and others in the industry. In this session with a panel of insurance practitioners, learn about:

  • operationalizing analytics in order to personalize communications;
  • the reality of omni-channel communications today;
  • positioning for the future, including working with InsurTech.

Extreme Weather Risk In Canada: The Time To Act Was Yesterday

Dr. Blair Feltmate, Head, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo

Dr. Blair Feltmate
Dr. Blair Feltmate

Climate change poses a major threat to the Canadian insurance industry. Forest fires and floods are make National news headlines every year, and the issue is expected to get worse before it gets better.

What does this all mean for the insurance industry, and how can we adapt to these changing realities? Leading expert Blair Feltmate discusses de-risking through adaptation.

AI: What's Your Plan?

Mike Fitzgerald, Senior Analyst - Insurance, Celent
Eric Weisburg, Vice President - Research & Consulting, Novarica

Mike Fitzgerald
Mike Fitzgerald

There is a tidal wave of information cresting on Canadian insurance shores. Insurance leaders are investing in powerful A.I. solutions that will create value and hit production soon ... if they are not running already.

This is not the domain of large insurers only. Organizations of all sizes are experimenting and starting with targeted areas. Many insurers and brokers, are executing their plans in the near term.

This stream will explore important areas to consider as you make your plans – creating alignment between business and IT, the opportunities of AI, and the competitive landscape.

The Changing Shape of Autos and Insurance

Catherine Kargas, Vice President, MARCON

Catherine Kargas
Catherine Kargas

Changes are occurring in the mobility sector, which could have profound implications for insurance. Auto insurance accounts for approximately half of Canada's P&C insurance premiums. Ride hailing and other sharing models have already taken shape, impacting mobility models, and automobile insurance coverages. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Vehicular automation and connectivity will change how people and goods move. These changes, while promising to deliver greater safety, will have profound implications on insurance.

This session will address fundamental questions, including: How should insurers prepare for the changes? What should insurers do to ensure continued relevance as Autonomous Vehicles represent greater share of vehicles on Canadian roads? How should regulators be preparing for the upcoming changes?

Connected Customers Matter ... Do Brokers?

Phil Henville, Head of Canadian Operations, Hubio

Phil Henville

Ask any insurer whether connecting more closely with their customers makes sense and you will get a strong endorsement. Yet only a sub-set of insurers are fully funding efforts, and for many other insurers efforts are still in early stages.

Why is this? Could it be that integration with brokers and working with a broker distribution channel is holding things back? Could it be that such efforts are just too daunting for many insurers?

Attend this session to learn what you can do to digitize communications with both brokers and direct customers, without breaking the bank. What should small and mid-size insurers do to keep up with their larger counterparts, and how can they make sure their customers and brokers receive superior levels of service.

Join Phil Henville the head of Canadian operations for Hubio, and hear what he has to say about broker-specific digitalization plans, and how they can generate positive ROI.

Winning Through Partnerships

Marc Lipman, COO, AIG Insurance Company of Canada

Marc Lipman
Marc Lipman

InsurTech startups and innovation hubs are developing exciting products that are opening up entirely new markets, and strengthening existing ones.

Leading insurers recognize the agility and innovation these startups bring to the table, and seek ways to leverage them within their business.

This session will explore various partnership models employed by different carriers as case studies and lessons learned.

Autonomous Vehicle Insurance: Time to Act

Gwenn Bézard, Co-Founder and Research Director, Aite Group

Gwenn Bezard
Gwenn Bézard

Original equipment manufacturers and tech companies are racing to deliver vehicles with ever higher levels of autonomous capability. Insurers in some countries have worked or are working to influence legislation (e.g., the United Kingdom), while insurers in other countries have exerted little concerted effort thus far (e.g., the United States). But insurers must come together as an industry, define a common position on critical issues related to the insurance of AVs, and lobby legislators and regulators accordingly. This session discusses OEMs' current march toward higher levels of automation, consumers' attitudes toward AVs, the challenges facing insurers, and how U.K. insurers have approached the problem thus far.

Blockchain Panel: Challenges, Limitations, and Practical Applications

Moderator: Charles St. Louis, Blockchain Specialist
Iliana Oris Valiente, Managing Director, Global Blockchain Innovation Lead, Accenture; Founder, ColliderX
Bernard McNulty, Head of Claims - Canada, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Americas

Charles St. Louis
Charles St. Louis

This panel discussion will feature examples of practical applications for blockchain in insurance, examples of current uses, as well as the challenges and limitations of this technology within the industry.

Going past the proof of concept and into real applications, we will dig deeper into varying opinions on blockchain and smart contracts.

Technology Trends to Further Disrupt the Insurance Landscape in 2018

Andrew Lo, President & CEO, Kanetix Ltd.

Andrew Lo
Andrew Lo

The insurance industry underwent a digital transformation in 2017 and it's expected that 2018 will push the envelope even further. The year ahead will be an exciting time to be in the insurance space, especially when you consider: IoT (Internet of Things) will become an important asset in everyday homes; artificial intelligence will continue to be omnipresent; governance around avant-garde technologies like drones and self-driving vehicles will be explored; a surge of applications using augmented reality will be available to everyday consumers; and, ground breaking ideas will continue to rise from start-ups.

Digital Transformation For Enhanced Customer Experience

Tim Currie, Senior Vice President, Navigators Insurance
Stephanie Inglis, Vice President Professional Services, Goose Digital

Navigators Insurance's vision for digital transformation centres on enhancing the customer experience. From adoption of new technologies through the integration of multiple tools for operations, marketing and customer service, the journey has encompassed every area of the brokerage's business.

Along the way, there have been many lessons learned and discoveries made. This presentation will outline the strategic plan and actions taken to-date, as well as provide a glimpse into the future of digital transformation at the brokerage level.

Innovation Showcase: Startup Pitches

Samuel Falmagne, International Business Development Director, Shift Technology

Samuel Falmagne
Samuel Falmagne

This “show and tell” session will feature innovative startups in the insurance space, with features ranging from AI for fraud detection to robo-advisors, to on-demand travel insurance.

Presenters, Panelists and Moderators

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