» 2018 Technology Conference: Overview

2018 Technology Conference: Overview

16th Annual Technology Conference

ICTC2018: “Insurance Vectors: Risk, Technology, Engagement”

Feb. 27-28, 2018 — Beanfield Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto

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The emerging insurance world may be defined by 3 vectors:

  • Risk: Traditional exposures will be complemented by new risk components driven, in part, by emerging digital tools;
  • Technology: At the same time that Moore's law continues to drive more powerful computing at reduced cost, AI is becoming increasingly self-sufficient;
  • Engagement: Customers – especially millennials – are not only always right, they are usually distracted; insurance professionals must discover new schemes to move beyond “engaging” to “inconspicuously ;enveloping” that we protect.

Consider these real-world scenarios:

  • Personalized and automated communications enhance engagement and improve CX;
  • Internet of Things devices offer hands-off precision in underwriting and pricing risk;
  • Cognitive computing allows insurance bots for 24/7 direct customer service;
  • Advanced analytics and technology underpin processes in complex claims situations;
  • Digital innovation decreases cycle time for bringing insurance products to market;
  • Digital communication channels are increasing effectiveness in advertising & marketing.

ICTC2018 will showcase practitioners, suppliers, and analysts who are focusing technology's positive impact on critical business challenges such as:

  • Managing omni-channel service & distribution strategies;
  • Developing risk management services for customer value and retention;
  • Leveraging experienced underwriters and claims examiners with BI tools;
  • Using artificial intelligence / intelligent machines to restructure work;
  • Creating technology-driven business models;
  • Deploying digital marketing strategies;
  • And more...

Presentations from thought-leaders, including ...

David Coletto

Keynote Presentation:

David Coletto, David Coletto, CEO & Founding Partner, Abacus Data
Millennials Driving Consumer and Insurance Markets”

There are now more Millennials (born 1980-2000) than Baby Boomers (born 1943-1960) in Canada, and this new, emerging, and powerful consumer group is fundamentally shifting markets and picking winners and losers.

David will share his insights from more than seven years of research and offer a Canadian perspective on generational change and the disruptive forces at work in the consumer market generally and the insurance market specifically.

Call For Presentations

Sponsors of the 2018 Technology Conference at the silver level or higher are invited to participate in the agenda. Help us prepare this premier event – submit your suggestion for a session you would like to present or participate in. Download the form.

Who Should Attend

The Technology Conference is designed for:

  • Senior leaders with responsibility for business transformation;
  • Senior line managers responsible for delivering business case benefits from technology implementations;
  • Technology professionals evaluating analytic, business intelligence, or cognitive computing technologies;
  • Anyone in risk management or finance who needs to ensure that the IT strategy meets your ORSA requirements;
  • Business, technology, or actuarial analysts in need of techniques and tools to take a holistic view of technology's impact on new products and services.

Schedule & Location

Mark your calendar now:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
1:00pm - 6:30pm; ICTA Awards at 4:30pm
Registration opens at noon.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
8:30am - 5:30pm
Registration and Continental Breakfast open at 7:30am.

Technology Awards

The first day of the Technology Conference will conclude with a ceremony and reception highlighting the presentation of the annual Technology Awards.


If you have questions about the Technology Conference, please contact [email protected].