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Developing the Aviva Ride-Sharing Insurance Coverage: Untying the Customer

Since Aviva announced its new coverage for ride-sharing services, several commentators have suggested that this solves problems for ride-sharing companies such as Uber. But what does it do for Aviva, its customers, and its distributors? The answers are both simple and profound. Tying customers up in knots? Jason Storah, Executive Vice President of Broker Distribution… Read more »

Wise Words of Wisdom

There’s a phrase I like to use to describe an overused statement that sounds better than the content it contains. I call such statements “wise words of wisdom.” I ran across something making the rounds in the social sphere which might qualify, though it sounds like profound advice for what to do next in these… Read more »

Insurance 2024: A View from the Podium

Who would ever have thought that the insurance industry, which has thrived for many years with a traditional business model, would face pressure to adopt cloud, analytics, mobile and social strategies to meet the needs of its insureds? Regardless, 100 attendees at the Insurance-Canada Executive Forum: Insurance 2024 did. I believe we all came away… Read more »

Social Reform in the Insurance Industry

Social — it’s no longer a term used exclusively by millennials looking to catch up with family and friends. Customers now have the ability to tweet and connect with their most hated or most adored organizations — and these organizations have the ability to communicate back. The concept of social businesses is alive and well… Read more »


What Influences Decisions on Digital Advertising for Insurance?

Back in my hometown of Detroit, I learned that consumer advertising decision-making by automobile manufacturers consisted of one part art, two parts science, and and some unknown parts corporate politics.   I’m thinking that there may be a similar formula in place for decisions on digital advertising by insurers.  I’d appreciate your thoughts on this. “Digital… Read more »

CRM: Old Technology At The Eye of the Perfect New Technology Storm

Some of you have commented that we’ve been harping on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for sometime now, without a whole lot of solid reasoning. Fair comment. What we’d like to do on this almost perfect summer’s afternoon is to take a weather reporter’s view of CRM. We’ll look to the past for evidence of incorrect… Read more »

Are You Asking Your Customers to Wait 2½ days for an Auto Quote?

There’s an old saying about how surgeons sometimes have a narrow view of success: “The operation was a success; too bad the patient died.” A recent report on insurers’ responses to digital consumers could update this: “The marketing campaign exceeded expectations; too bad we didn’t write any business.” It looks like marketers and communications people… Read more »

Independent Agents and the Disappearing Internet: The Road to Insurance 2024

Recent research suggests that the Internet, and related social functionality, is becoming ‘invisible’ — simply blending into, and augmenting, our normal activities.  This is not just a theoretical construct for leading independent insurance agents and brokers, as the experience of a six-person independent insurance agency demonstrates. We’d like your thoughts on the phenomenon of the… Read more »

A Unique Broker Opportunity: Technology, Customization, and Zero Distance

Increasingly, consumer-facing organizations are using technology to offer a customized experience to their customers. It is part of a trend referred to as mass customization aimed at delivering products and services reflecting customers’ individual tastes and preferences, at prices that translate into superior value. Mass customization and zero distance Companies’ adoption of mass customization is… Read more »

Can Insurers Break Through to a New Plane of Digital Engagement with UBI?

Reports indicate that insurers have hit a low plateau in the implementation of consumer engagement strategies using digital technologies. There may be a unique opportunity, in the form of Usage-Based Insurance (UBI), which could allow a transformational breakthrough into the brave, new, digitally-engaged world. We’d appreciate your thoughts. What’s causing the blockage? As reported on… Read more »