CompuOffice Software Inc. Introduces Multi-Quoter™ Software for Use by Life Insurers in Product Development and Pricing

CompuOffice Software Inc.’s innovative new Multi-Quoter™ software automates the process of comparative market and pricing research tasks for product development and actuarial departments of life insurers. Using the leading and most comprehensive independent LifeGuide products’ database, Multi-Quoter™ produces instant, spreadsheet ready results for any part of the entire range of life insurance products (including Term, T100, Whole Life, Universal Life, CI and Specialty products). Studies can be easily configured to the user’s parameters and work that would otherwise take days and weeks can now be compressed into a matter of seconds. Since Multi-Quoter™ is installable internally, users are insulated from the risks and hazards of remote outsourcing.

TORONTO, CANADA — March 17, 2004 — CompuOffice Software Inc. has announced the introduction and release of the LifeGuide Multi-Quoter software module. This specialized module is designed for use by insurer head office marketing, product development and actuarial personnel to automatically run and produce multiple LifeGuide market surveys. Instead of the old labour intensive manual ways or the encumbrance of outsourcing the task to third parties at substantial costs, Multi-Quoter automates the process. The results data is virtually instantly available, ready for use in spreadsheets and other analysis utilities.

The LifeGuide Multi-Quoter installs in seconds and is compatible with all modern Windows platforms, including Windows XP. The number, scope and range of surveys are all configurable by the user at the Multi-Quoter Control Panel. Users can run thousands of surveys simultaneously – and as often as they wish – in total confidentiality and without having to contend with the risks of the Internet or having to share confidential and proprietary research parameters with third parties.

The process is simple and easy:

  1. Invoke the LifeGuide Multi-Quoter module
  2. Set the desired parameters at the Control Panel (Multi-Quoter provides for the saving of parameters for future use so the user may skip this step in the future)
  3. Import the Multi-Quoter results into analysis spreadsheets or other analysis utilities for instant viewing and examination.

LifeGuide is the most widely used independent multiple-company life insurance and CI research and comparison software in Canada. LifeGuide includes the widest range of product categories, including Term, T100, Whole Life, Universal Life, CI and specialty products. Since LifeGuide also includes the largest number and scope of products in each category, and provides the most extensive information on each, no other product is available in Canada to match the value and capabilities of the LifeGuide and its Multi-Quoter module. Of course, and as an added advantage, Multi-Quoter is not limited to ‘initial premium’ costs alone but can also be used to examine market cost position over any number of years, and including or excluding ROI, static and variable Death Benefits, as well as residual cash accumulations.

Instead of having to spend countless hours on manual research or having to spend thousands of dollars per year on lesser capability remote third party services, the Multi-Quoter software is available for annual licensing at only $399 (LifeGuide subscription is a prerequisite). There are no additional per-use or other hidden costs or charges. Since Multi-Quoter is installable and usable internally, insurers can protect and safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of their research and pricing considerations.

Ami Maishlish, VP-Insurance & Financial Software of CompuOffice Software Inc. commented: “More than a decade ago, the LifeGuide Professional Software was conceived and designed to meet the needs of consumer minded financial professionals and their desire to provide their clients with the best service and value. I believe that insurers are also striving for the same goals. The Multi-Quoter software module is designed to save on research costs, to enhance efficiency and accuracy, and to provide insurers with capabilities never before available across the entire range of life insurance products.”

Maishlish added: “Of course, confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance. To address these matters, Multi-Quoter is self contained and can be installed and used securely in-house. The user has full control and is not shackled with the uncertainties and risks of the Internet nor with the risks of having to share confidential pricing research or future plans with third parties.”

CompuOffice Software Inc. is the leading independent supplier of advanced multiple company life insurance quotation, research, information and comparison software in Canada and is also among the leaders in production of such software for the US market. Founded in 1989 as a partnership and incorporated in 1992, CompuOffice Software Inc. services thousands of consumer minded financial planners and insurance professionals coast to coast as well as life insurers and actuarial firms.