CodeEvolution: Recession – Friend or Foe to the Claims Adjuster?

We as people are all effected by our surroundings. If this known statement is true, then why should wectreat our businesses any different? Businesses are built, with the basic principal of providing a quality service or product, while earning a profit. In order to do this, companies have created processes, hired personnel, built relationships, created effective marketing campaigns, and in recent years implemented technology to assist with productivity. Although each of these factors will affect the business in some way, each decision must take the environment in which the business exists into consideration.

In speaking to clients in all verticals from insurance, to finance, to manufacturing – a common theme emerges; the dreaded recession. This being the case, I’ve taken the time to research and better understand the current economic environment and its effect on business as a whole. This article speaks to what has been learned, and how to effectively navigate the recession so that it may be viewed as an opportunity rather than a crisis.

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About CodeEvolution’s Virtual Claims Adjuster

Virtual Claims Adjuster is a secure web based claims management system handling multiple lines of insurance claims such as: property, casualty, marine, automobile, liability, self-insured, investigative, manufacturing etc. Virtual Claims Adjuster was created by professionals with real experience in the claims industry, who have dealt with the issues that insurance adjusters face from day to day.

Code Evolution Inc. (developer of Virtual Adjuster as well as other software solutions) is a Canadian owned corporation specializing in software and web development. We have worked with several high profile companies as an extension of their team to develop highly intuitive and technologically advanced business applications allowing them to provide their clients with reliable industry leading solutions.