Symbility Solutions Inc. Announces Partnership With Lautriv

WATERLOO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Aug. 21, 2007) – Symbility Solutions Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Automated Benefits Corp. is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with Lautriv, LLC, an American national provider of Claims Management Solutions.

“Lautriv has been a visionary with respect to their technology decisions over the past few years. At Symbility, we are in a very fortunate position of helping them from a technology perspective, to execute their business model beyond industry expectations” notes Dave Chalmers, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Business Development, Symbility Solutions.

Insurers outsource post-loss documentation services by contracting Lautriv to manage a fleet of specially equipped vehicles and trained inspection technicians. Clients submit inspection assignments via A field unit arrives onsite, completes standardized documentation and uploads the inspection file to The insurance carrier’s claims representatives are able to view files remotely and make all settlement decisions. This unique service process enables insurers to increase ROI per licensed adjuster through a new division of labor. Customer service lift is received as claims are settled 50% quicker than through conventional processes.

“We have created a tight business ecosystem using Symbility’s mobile claims, and they help us to deliver operational excellence to our clients,” says Jake Labrie, Lautriv’s Vice President of Business Development. “Symbility’s smart client solution increases inspection processing times and our customers certainly recognize this; we have plans to expand our customer base to additional top ten insurers in 2008.”

“Having a client like Lautriv has been a tremendous experience for us, and with their corporate motto of Fast, Smart and Complete, you know that they partner with only the best,” adds Chalmers.

About Automated Benefits Corp. and Symbility Solutions

Automated Benefits Corp. (, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, is a software company dedicated to developing applications for the insurance industry. The corporation currently has two subsidiaries, Autoben and Symbility.

Symbility Solutions ( has developed a mobile claims system focusing principally on residential and commercial property claims estimation for use by insurance company adjusters and independent contractors. Symbility has offices in Waterloo, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

With offices in Edmonton and Toronto, Autoben provides a software solution for the adjudication of Health and Dental claims. This software adjudicates claims in real time while providing their clients with the highest level of flexibility available and complete disclosure on the plan’s financial performance. Autoben enables their clients to provide an additional level of value-added service in a very cost effective manner. The Autoben software supports the adjudication of Health and Dental claims through the local insurance broker for over 30,000 employees across Canada.

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