Kinberlin First-to-Market with a Corporate Management System for Rehabilitative and Medical Assessment Service Providers in the Insurance Industry

TORONTO, May 21 /CNW/ – Kinberlin Associated Inc., a leading
e-business solution provider, today unveiled Vivo, a fully-featured corporate management
system for rehabilitation and medical assessment service providers serving the insurance
and workplace safety industries. Vivo is the first out of a family of solutions designed
to meet the unique needs of claim service providers. The application enables staff and
administrators to streamline routine business operations and better manage their clients,
resources, services, and company information.

“As the competitive pressure to reduce operating costs
and increase profit margins increase, more insurance companies are starting to outsource
certain daily business processes, such as claims processing, in order to align their
resources with their core competency – underwriting. As a result, there has been an influx
of business in the claims sector,” said Grant Lindsay, VP sales & marketing at
Kinberlin. “Vivo enables claims service providers to manage their daily operations
more efficiently, and their business partnerships more effectively, so they can sustain a
viable advantage in their field.”

“It’s what we call Smart Software. It is both
industry-specific and business-centric. With a generic business management system in
place, the end user has to manipulate and modify the software to suite his or her specific
business needs, often creating a home-grown solution that does not necessary reflect the
company’s best business practices,” explained Lindsay. “However Vivo
incorporates the unique policies, practices and procedures of rehabilitation and medical
assessment service providers, and the industry in which they operate.”

Vivo is comprised of two software applications, including
Vivo.Office and Vivo.Web. Vivo.Office is a local Windows-based software application that
runs in the office and is used internally by service professionals to retrieve and manage
data. It is retrofitted with human resource and document management capabilities that
enable users to conduct their daily activities, such as entering and managing claim
service requests, transferring files and reviewing file information. Vivo.Web is a
Web-based portal that is used externally by health care specialists, adjusters and
insurance companies to interact with the local office, and submit and review service
activities via the Internet. Encrypted to ensure maximum security that complies with
current industry standards, Vivo.Web grants users open and controlled access to
information — like claim service records, template repositories and service report logs
— using a secure login and password.

“The benefits of Vivo are twofold: From the vendors’
perspective, Vivo enables the company to streamline its business procedures, increase the
speed at which information is transported and claims are processed, lower their costs and
improve their margins,” explained Roy Bernhard, VP software development at Kinberlin.
“From the insurance company’s perspective, Vivo effectively manages the ongoing
client-vendor relationship, grants the client adequate access to important data, and
ensures a clear channel of communication exists between the parties. Moreover, the
software has been developed to incorporate collaborative, or ‘hub’, technology, allowing
the service provider to facilitate the exchange of information via a claims hub.”

Vivo is equipped with customizable reporting tools for
immediate access to general administrative reports, appointment/service overviews, and
client summaries, as well as a variety of printable documents for auditing and hard
storage. One of the program’s unique characteristics is that it tracks and records client
activities as they are entered into the system, and compiles billing information for
representation and export onto the Industry Standard Invoice (AISI). “By automating
the process in which these forms are created, Vivo supports same-day billing, thereby
increasing the efficiency of the billing process by a dramatic 85% or more,” said
Bernhard. “The ability to administer large volumes of information faster and more
efficiently results in a significant, and instantaneous, Return- On- Investment.”

” Vivo is built for your industry and customized for
your business. It is not a business accessory … it is a business strategy,” added Bernhard.

About Kinberlin Associated, Inc.

Kinberlin is an international provider of industry-specific
corporate management systems. The company is transforming the way Claim Service Providers
conduct business and communicate with their clients. By accessing a secure Windows-based
and Web-based platform CSPs’ can streamline daily business procedures, increase the speed
at which claims are processed, lower their costs, and improve their profit margins. For
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Kinberlin has extensive knowledge
of the insurance industry, as well as the technical expertise required to design and
develop corporate management solutions for the industry’s individual sectors.