Now Available on InsuroCity

TORONTO, MARCH 12,2001- has announced that its products and
services are now also available through InsuroCity, the revolutionary new P&C Insurance site.

InsuroCity is a meeting place for all the
participants in the claims process. Through this single website, an insurance adjuster has
access to many tools and services required to quickly and efficiently settle a claim.

“Developing an interface allowing InsuroCity
customers to continue to manage the claim while seamlessly using ReplacementFinder’s
proprietary features is a win-win situation,” states Mark Kuper, founder of

ReplacementFinder enables insurers to easily
source merchandise using an online network of 700 plus (and growing) participating
vendors. Vendors provide competitive pricing through a confidential bid process. Offering
a request for quotation to the market (or any specific vendor of choice) guarantees
competitive replacement prices every time. ReplacementFinder’s
proprietary property claims technology is substantially increasing business efficiencies.

Robert Gow, Vice President, e-Business Solutions, of InsuroCity
adds, “InsuroCity is being designed and built to be the underlying
Internet communication tool, which will be used by claim adjusters to connect to the
service providers they need to settle a claim. By providing connectivity to ReplacementFinder,
this adds another link to the essential services that InsuroCity offers to the adjuster
each time they log on.” – An Eternity Web
Designs Inc. product, providing the adjuster with an automated and proprietary tool that
allows them to easily source merchandise at competitive replacement prices – every time. – A P&C claims processing
site housing all the services required to allow an adjuster to go about their daily
business in a more efficient, convenient, and cost efficient manner, harnessing the
collaborative power of the Internet. InsuroCity was founded by Vital
Innovations Inc., a Waterloo based company that has been developing claims processing
solutions for the insurance industry since 1988.

For additional information, please contact:

Mr. Mark Kuper
President, Eternity Web Designs Inc.
[email protected]
Mr. Robert Gow
Vice President,

[email protected]