ICTC2019: Presentation Topics

17th Annual Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference

“A New Insurance Order”
Transformation ⇒ Innovation ⇒ InsurTech ⇒ Disruption

Feb. 26-27, 2019 — Beanfield Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto

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Hear how your business will be affected by the forces driving change in – and disrupting – the insurance industry. See how industry leaders and experts have initiated and executed their own programs in response to the upheaval.

Learn from thought leaders addressing a variety of topics, from autonomous vehicles and InsurTech to digital marketing, CX, AI, blockchain, and more.

Day One: Tuesday, Feb. 26

Enabling Better Broker Connectivity

Tyler Lanoway, Director - Strategic Initiatives, Wawanesa

Tyler Lanoway
Tyler Lanoway

Consumers are demanding it. Brokers need it to remain competitive, maybe get a competitive edge. Providing good customer service, as quickly and as efficiently as possible is essential. Connecting brokers to requisite information is the objective.

In this session Tyler will discuss Wawanesa's strategy, and their plan and progress to meeting this target.

Taking Broker-Insurer Connectivity to the Next Level

Colin Simpson, CEO, IBAO

Colin Simpson
Colin Simpson

Improving the insurance consumer experience continues to be a prime focus area of all parts of the insurance industry – from marketing through to claims settlement.

The connectivity between brokers and insurers – a many-to-many relationship – has long been problematic.

This discussion will explore the initiatives under way and some of the solutions for the future.

Taking That Next Step To Getting Connected

Kim Opheim
Kim Opheim

Kim Opheim, President, K. Opheim Consulting Inc.

Brokers bring choice to their customers, but they are always looking for ways to add to their value.

As the customer experience grows increasingly important, operating and service costs are under the microscope. Improvements in real-time connectivity to insurance company partners promise real dividends on both counts.

The IBAC DX Initiative for a Proof of Concept of real-time processing of a First Notice of Loss between brokers and companies successfully completed this past summer.

Kim will describe the steps which have followed, the current status and the roadmap to make real-time digital FNOL and other transactions between brokers and insurers part of standard operating procedure, and remove that impediment to speedy processing and better customer service.

An InsurTech Startup: The Digital MGA

Jeff McCann
Jeff McCann

Jeff McCann, CEO, Digital MGA Marketplace Ltd.

From a career as a broker, Jeff pivoted into the technology space. As an InsurTech, he followed the trail though ideation, incubation and emerging startup to his operational status today.

Jeff will relate his story. As a digital MGA, he practices the mantra of technology doing the transaction processing and people doing the value-add things, like relationships, around that.

As an insurance platform, his products can be sold from a broker's website, even white labelled as appropriate.

Starting From Scratch: Customer First

Steve Livingstone
Steve Livingstone

Steve Livingstone, President & CEO, aha insurance

Just three short (long?) years ago, Steve started his journey to build a new brokerage from scratch. At that time the focus on customer centricity was becoming stronger, so the journey began by asking what it would take to have a really good modern customer experience in Canada. The result of this initiative is aha insurance.

aha is a fresh home and auto insurance offering that allows customers to quote and purchase their products in a single online transaction in less than 5 minutes; across any device, leveraging external data, a sophisticated and innovative UX, and a fully integrated omni-channel platform.

Hear about the experiences and the lessons learned, at aha insurance, as they developed their strategy, processes and supporting technologies, worked with their insurer partners and brought the concept to life.

Bringing Innovation to Claims

Jonathan Spinner
Jonathan Spinner

Jonathan Spinner, AVP - Claims Transformation & Strategy, Aviva Canada

Like the rest of the insurance business, claims is progressing along a business transformation journey. Successful results come from the effective application of new and emerging technologies coupled with customer-centric business process optimization.

Jonathan will look at some key success factors while sharing lessons learned along the way.

Streamlining Claims With AI-Powered Fraud Detection

Jeroen Morrenhof
Jeroen Morrenhof

Jeroen Morrenhof, CEO, FRISS

Fraud accounts for over $34 Billion in claims each year. Simply relying on the gut of your claims adjusters and SIU team will catch some of it, but it’s a time-consuming process that doesn’t catch it all.

Jeroen Morrenhof, CEO of FRISS, will demonstrate how innovative software can instantly indicate risk and potential fraud, freeing up precious staff time and improving the customer experience. The FRISS platform integrates over 1,000 years of insurance business knowledge with today’s most advanced self-learning models and AI technology to provide a seamless experience for employees and customers.

The goal? Making insurance more honest. Because why should legitimate customers have to bear the cost of fraudulent claims?

Innovating in the Auto Claims Process

Rick Yates
Rick Yates

Rick Yates, VP - North American Insurance Programs, Accident Support Services International Ltd.

Accident Support Services International placed as a finalist in last year's Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Awards (‘ICTA’) competition.

ASSI had implemented two new features to assist adjusters in providing exceptional customer service to their insureds, preventing & detecting insurance fraud, and reducing the time & costs associated with automobile claims handling.

The innovation continues. In this session, Rick will address some of the current activities to move further along the digital transformation path to improve both customer service and process efficiencies.

Sensing The Driving Scene: Making Driving Safer

Julie Bernadou
Julie Bernadou

Julie Bernadou, Business Development Manager, Mobileye

For many years improvements in automobile design and features, for both new vehicles and for after market retrofitted devices, have contributed to safer automotive transportation.

The value proposition to people on the road, to those who respond to an incident, and to the insurance industry is based on a reduction in accidents and resulting claims. Learn from case studies showing the experience of fleets and the flow-through to insurance companies.

Mobileye presents how ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) allow insurance companies to play a proactive role in increasing insureds safety and reducing losses. Also, the positive impact on Auto lines profitability.

From UBI to Flying Cars: Mobility and Insurance

Catherine Kargas
Catherine Kargas

Catherine Kargas, Vice President, MARCON
John Elliott, SVP & CIO, RSA
David McGown, SVP - Strategic Initiatives, Insurance Bureau of Canada
Franck Bonny, Vice President, PMG Technologies

From UBI to vehicle automation and eventually flying cars, mobility is changing. According to most in the industry, mobility will experience more change in the next ten years than in the previous century. Is insurance keeping pace with the changes? Are insurance regulators, insurers and brokers prepared? How will the shift to shared mobility and vehicle automation impact the insurance industry? Who will be underwriting the risk? How will the claims process work? What role will brokers play?

Join Catherine Kargas, mobility strategist, IBC's David McGowan, RSA's CIO John Elliott and PMG's Franck Bonny at ICTC 2019 as they explore these questions and more.

4:00pm – ICTA Technology Awards ceremony

5:00pm – Industry Networking Reception

Day Two: Wednesday, Feb. 27

The Shape Of Insurance In Ten Years

Mark Breading, Partner, Strategy Meets Action

Mark Breading
Mark Breading

No one can predict what the insurance industry will look like 10 years from now. However, virtually everyone agrees that it will be different – perhaps substantially different.

This session will outline different possible futures for the industry. The audience will be asked to vote on which scenario they believe is most likely.

The Three Biggest Innovation Challenges For Insurance

Simon Chan
Simon Chan

Simon Chan, Head of Corporate Innovation Thought Leadership, Communitech
Patrick Vice, Partner, Insurance-Canada.ca

Five short years ago, the concept of organized innovation centres, accelerators, hackathons – indeed, anything to do with InsurTech – was seldom more than a gleam in someone's eye. Only “wild duck” leaders were doing more than funding an “agile” innovation group somewhere in an IT back room.

Fast forward to today, and innovation is being woven into the very fabric of insurance organizations. This session will look at the challenges, success factors, and where might this go next. Disruption?

Insurance Product Development: Managing Obsolescence

Mike Fitzgerald
Mike Fitzgerald

Mike Fitzgerald, Senior Analyst - Insurance, Celent

Our insurance products were built in a world that, increasingly, no longer exists. For example, at one time, an insurer did not know how many miles an insured drove her car; now automobiles are wifi hotspots!

How will product catch up with the new world?

This session explores the challenge, uses interactive polling to collect your opinion on what needs to happen, and provides the lessons learned from industry participants which are responding.

Insurance Potential of Tech Reveals at CES 2019

Andrew Lo, InsurTech Innovator

Andrew Lo
Andrew Lo

CES is a great annual coming-out party for new technologies, and for applications of newer and existing technologies.

Andrew, a longtime “new tech” enthusiast, will highlight his most interesting picks, and feature those with intriguing insurance potential.

The New Insurance Order Value Chain

Keith Raymond
Keith Raymond

Keith Raymond, Vice President - Research & Consulting, Novarica

Changes in the digital and data environment are upending traditional value chains and workflows in the insurance industry. All stakeholders in the sector need to re-consider their core values and differentiated capabilities in this new world.

This session presents recent Novarica research on the impact of emerging technologies, maturing technologies, and new entrants on the insurance sector.

The Path to 2020: Digital Marketing in the Insurance Industry

Naheed Somji
Naheed Somji

Naheed Somji, Senior Social Media Specialist, Economical Insurance

Customer expectations are changing and the digital landscape for insurance brokers is quickly shifting. Naheed Somji, social media marketer, shares unique insights into the future of digital marketing for 2019 and beyond.

Using data from Economical's recent Pulse Check survey, Naheed offers brokers and insurance professionals concrete tips to get ahead of the curve.

Customer Experience Matters: Formulating and Honing Your CX Strategy

Anita Sedgwick
Anita Sedgwick

Anita Sedgwick, Innovation and Transformation Strategist, Co.Point Labs

Who is your core customer? How can you align their true needs and expectations relative to the priorities of your business? How can you ensure you don't lose sight of the big picture?

The landscape is changing. Customers in personal and commercial lines have expectations. Trying to understand how to prioritize them and use them as your North Star isn't always easy.

This presentation will help you understand how to use customer journeys to guide your digital insurance strategy and accelerate the transformation of your relevance and value to the customer.

Stuck With Legacy? A Case Study In Transforming Your Business Systems

Ahsan Siddiqi
Ahsan Siddiqi

Ahsan Siddiqi, Director - IT, Data Strategy & Architecture, X by 2

The majority of insurance companies around the world have modernized their core insurance systems. But many Canadian insurance carriers are still shackled by legacy systems that prevent them from providing a modern experience to their customers.

In this case study, Ahsan will discuss one company's journey as it worked to transform the customer experience.

CX & Customer Communications: The State Of Insurance

Jay Sarzen
Jay Sarzen

Jay Sarzen, Senior Analyst - P&C Insurance, Aite Group

Technology innovations have enabled a cross-industry digital transformation, triggering a more significant focus on customer experience and communications.

Insurance consumers readily compare their experience in other industries against their experience with insurance. Given that insurance is not a “hard product” but a “promise,” the issue is magnified.


  • the relevance to insurance;
  • how insurance stands today;
  • where it could go tomorrow;
  • examples of leading practices;
  • what are vendors working on today with leading insurers.

Presenters, Panelists and Moderators

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