2019 Technology Conference: Overview

17th Annual Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference

“A New Insurance Order”
Transformation ⇒ Innovation ⇒ InsurTech ⇒ Disruption

Feb. 26-27, 2019 — Beanfield Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto

In the last half of the second decade of the 21st century, insurance is suddenly blossoming. Three forces are driving a new insurance order:

  1. Modern core systems enable digital transformation throughout an organization.
  2. Digital services are creating new customer experiences, increasing client satisfaction.
  3. InsurTechs, supporting insurers and brokers, are innovating new products and services, facilitating greater client engagement and other improvements.

Longer term, these digital approaches are positioning to disrupt the old insurance industry and enable greater customer satisfaction.

In short, we are entering a new insurance order. And the 2019 Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference is preparing a showcase of the future combined with a map to its realization. Join us to understand the evolution of the new insurance ecosystem and to share your vision for its realization.

Hear from industry thought leaders, including:

The Shape Of Insurance In Ten Years

Mark Breading
Partner & Chief Research Officer,
Strategy Meets Action

Mark Breading

No one can predict what the insurance industry will look like 10 years from now. However, virtually everyone agrees that it will be different – perhaps substantially different. Mark will outline different possible futures for the industry, and the audience will vote on which scenario is most likely.

Insurance Potential of Tech Reveals at CES

Andrew Lo
InsurTech Innovator

Andrew Lo

CES is a great annual coming-out party for new technologies, and for applications of newer and existing technologies. Andrew, a longtime tech enthusiast, will highlight his most interesting picks, and feature those with intriguing insurance potential.

Enabling Better Broker Connectivity

Tyler Lanoway
Director, Strategic Initiatives,

Tyler Lanoway

Consumers are demanding it. Brokers need it to become or remain competitive. Providing good customer service, as quickly and as efficiently as possible, is essential. Connecting brokers to requisite information is the objective. Tyler will discuss Wawanesa's strategy, their plan and their progress to meeting this target.

An InsurTech Startup: The Digital MGA

Jeff McCann
Digital MGA Marketplace Ltd.

Jeff McCann

This InsurTech followed the trail from ideation, incubation and emerging startup to operational status today. This MGA has all-digital processes complemented by people for value-add. Beyond his cloud, the function can be presented as while-labelled products on a broker's website.

ICTC2019 will take place Tuesday, Feb. 26, and Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019. You can register for either day or both.

Which day(s) should you attend? The schedule is organized as follows:

Day 1: Tuesday, Feb. 26

  • Full day – Registration from 7:30am
  • Thought leadership sessions 8:30am - 4:30pm
    • Broker Distribution
    • Telematics & Autonomous Vehicles
    • Cyber and IoT
    • Claims
  • Experience Zone (open 10:00am - 6:00pm)
  • ICTA awards ceremony (4:30pm)
  • Networking Reception (5:00 - 6:00pm)

Day 2: Wednesday, Feb. 27

  • Full day – Registration from 7:30am
  • Thought leadership sessions 8:30am - 5:00pm
    • Customer Communications, Engagement & CX
    • Product Innovation
    • Marketing
    • Emerging Tech
  • Experience Zone (open 8:00am - 3:30pm)

Note: All delegates – including those registered only for Day Two (Wed.) – are invited to attend the Day One (Tues.) ICTA Awards and reception on Tuesday afternoon.

See precisely what is when, at Topics & Agenda.

Digital communication channels are increasing effectiveness in advertising & marketing:

  • Digital communication channels are increasing effectiveness in advertising & marketing;
  • Connected services are making quotes easier, faster, more accurate and final;
  • Personalized communications enhance engagement, improve CX and increase customer satisfaction;
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices offer customers improved management [reduction] of risk;
  • Machine learning, AI and Cognitive computing enable sophisticated insurance bots for 24/7 direct customer service;
  • Drones and AI tools are changing the service times in claims situations;
  • InsurTech-style innovation and tools decrease cycle time for bringing insurance products to market.

ICTC2019 will showcase practitioners, suppliers, and analysts who are focusing technology's positive impact on critical business challenges, such as:

  • Managing omni-channel service & distribution strategies;
  • Enabling greater advantage for brokers;
  • Developing risk management services for customer value and retention;
  • Leveraging experienced underwriters and claims examiners with BI tools;
  • Using artificial intelligence / intelligent machines to restructure work;
  • Creating technology-driven business models;
  • Deploying digital marketing strategies;
  • Capturing the business opportunity in emerging technologies including AI, machine learning, Voice, and platforms;
  • And more...

Who Should Attend

The Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference is designed for:

  • Senior leaders with responsibility for business transformation;
  • Senior line managers responsible for delivering business case benefits from technology implementations;
  • Technology professionals evaluating analytic, business intelligence, or cognitive computing technologies;
  • Anyone in risk management or finance who needs to ensure that the IT strategy meets your ORSA requirements;
  • Business, technology, or actuarial analysts in need of techniques and tools to take a holistic view of technology's impact on new products and services.

Vendors: If you are looking to increase the visibility of your company, products and services, take advantage of our sponsorship opportunities.

Technology Awards

The first day of the Technology Conference will conclude with the presentation ceremony of the annual Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Awards and an industry networking reception.

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel booking details are now posted on the Venue page. Book your room by January 29 to take advantage of a special rate for delegates!

Preview A Mobility Session

preview a mobility session by Catherine Kagas of MARCON at ICTC2019, Feb. 26-27 in Toronto

preview a mobility session by Catherine Kagas of MARCON at ICTC2019, Feb. 26-27 in Toronto

preview a mobility session by Catherine Kagas of MARCON at ICTC2019, Feb. 26-27 in Toronto

preview a mobility session by Catherine Kagas of MARCON at ICTC2019, Feb. 26-27 in Toronto


If you have questions about the Technology Conference, please contact [email protected].