Northbridge Insurance Becomes the First Member to Earn CSIO’s API Security Standards Certification

Toronto, ON (Nov. 30, 2023) – CSIO congratulates Northbridge Insurance for being the first member to earn CSIO’s Application Programming Interface (API) Security Standards Certification. With this Certification, Northbridge has shown its commitment to being an effective and efficient API partner by implementing CSIO’s API Security Standards and applying industry security practices for business transactions.

CSIO’s INNOTECH Advisory Committee and its API Security Working Group, comprised of member companies, published the industry’s first API Security Standards. In doing so, they provided insurers and broker management systems (BMS) vendors with a standard authentication and authorization API model. When insurers and BMS vendors implement these Standards, they confirm that brokers have adequate levels of security before they’re authenticated and authorized to log into insurers’ systems and their BMS.

Northbridge Insurance achieved this Certification by confirming alignment with CSIO’s API Security Standards and demonstrating that they mitigated all security concerns, specifically for API endpoint security. Brokers can rest assured that by accessing an API endpoint, such as obtaining a quote, their data and credentials are safe with the insurer.

This Certification demonstrates that Northbridge Insurance is security-focused and committed to protecting clients’ information by complying with the industry’s API Security Standards. By implementing CSIO’s API Security Standards, Northbridge provides peace of mind to broker partners that they’re dedicated to adhering to robust security measures.

“Northbridge Insurance is committed to innovating and using best practices for safeguarding client information,” said Silvy Wright, Chief Executive Officer at Northbridge Insurance. “Obtaining the API Security Standards Certification is one way that Northbridge remains steadfast in supporting our broker partners with security protocols.”

In addition to Northbridge’s API Security Standards Certification, more CSIO members are working towards completing their Certification. Insurer and BMS vendor members can download the API Security Certification Document to apply for Certification.

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About Northbridge Insurance

Northbridge Insurance is a leading Canadian commercial insurer. Working with our broker partners, we aim to help businesses of all sizes. We use our in-depth industry expertise to help medium and large businesses operate more safely, so they can worry less and focus on opportunities. We also work to provide small businesses with insurance protection that’s responsive, simple, and flexible. For more information, visit

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SOURCE: Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)

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