Coronavirus: Will I be covered by travel insurance?

Orion Travel Insurance, a CAA-owned company, will continue to cover existing trip cancellation policies

Thornhill, ON (Mar. 5, 2020) – As Canadian officials continue to monitor the spread of the Coronavirus at home and abroad, Orion Travel Insurance, a CAA-owned company, is seeing a lot of questions from policy holders who have plans to travel and are concerned about how this may affect the status of their travel insurance.

For those who have purchased or are planning to purchase travel insurance through CAA, Orion Travel Insurance will continue to uphold the existing trip cancellation policy wording and exclusions. This means, if you have purchased regular trip cancellation insurance prior to a travel advisory to avoid non-essential or all travel is issued, for the destination you are travelling to, you will be eligible for reimbursement if you decide to cancel your trip.

“Orion Travel Insurance will not be making specific exclusions to trip cancellation insurance related to Coronavirus. Travellers with regular trip cancellation insurance will be reimbursed even if Ottawa issues a coronavirus-related advisory to avoid non-essential travel to their destination after booking their trip,” says Tony Tsai, vice president, communications and services, CAA South Central Ontario.

However, if you decide to travel despite a travel advisory issued by Global Affairs Canada, you may not be covered by emergency medical insurance.

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