Xpera Launches New Forensic Video Technology

Coquitlam, BC (May 13, 2019) – Xpera Risk Mitigation and Investigation, Canada’s largest national provider of investigations and risk solutions, today announced a powerful new digital evidence tool with capabilities not offered anywhere in the Canadian private risk management market.

“Working in the surveillance and forensic field for over 30 years, I’ve never seen this kind of law enforcement-grade technology in the private sector,” says Len Copp, President of Xpera. “Many clients will be surprised by the level of detail and precision we can achieve in evidence analysis with this new tool.”

The new Xpera Forensic Imaging (XFI) technology offers clients unique capabilities:

  • Image Enhancement, to recover the most detail from an image whether dark or blurred or simply a non-ideal angle. Colour correction, deblurring, corrected camera perspectives, and stabilization offer more detail in client reports and uncover evidence that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  • Photogrammetry, to support accident reconstruction, assess trajectory, or confirm the size of a subject based on the measurements of his/her surroundings. This confirms measurements within a frame for clients based on a single variable even after correcting the perspective. XFI also reconstructs a model for accurate assessment of positioning.
  • More Effective and Accurate Pixelization, to protect the identity of third-party, non-subjects within a video frame, even in public or group settings. This saves time for clients who request this service and ensures they capture and manage evidence within the parameters of their company’s privacy policies.

Using XFI technology requires extensive training in techniques that are accepted by both the scientific community and the courts. After an extensive organizational vetting process, Xpera’s Forensic Video Analysts are fully trained and successfully working with the new technology.

Equally important, the technology applies non-destructive techniques to preserve the original evidence and adheres to digital evidence requirements and guidelines for report writing in digital and multimedia forensics.

“All of this is a powerful testament to Xpera’s use of new technologies to better serve our clients” continues Mr. Copp. “It is important for clients to know and have confidence that with Xpera they are taking advantage of all possible options in evidence collection when making decisions on a file.”

About Xpera

Xpera is Canada’s premier national provider of Risk Mitigation & Investigation. We provide innovative solutions that reduce risk, minimize loss and increase human safety, enabling our clients to function to their fullest potential. We enable our clients to enhance business performance and ensure operational continuity by providing the experts and the tools to manage all levels of risks. For more information, please visit xpera.ca.

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