Insurance Veterans and Proven Innovators Join Forces to Found New P&C Insurance Solution Provider, OneWorld Instech

OneWorld Instech offers microservices-based solutions that will support innovative technologies such as blockchain and IoT for new capabilities and new insurer value

West Hartford, CT (July 17, 2018) – Stephen Francis, longtime insurance industry executive and former CEO and president of Dovetail Insurance Services, today announced the establishment of new P&C insurance solutions provider, OneWorld Instech.

Francis will lead the company as CEO, with co-founders Wendy Aarons-Corman as President Americas, Julian James as President EMEA, and Ethan Whitaker as Chief Innovation Officer.

Recognizing an industry need for a simpler way to innovate, implement and leverage advanced technologies such as blockchain and IoT, the co-founding team formed OneWorld Instech to offer a core platform built as microservices, supporting core insurance processes and additional capabilities designed to address industry needs.

“I have known Wendy, Ethan, and Julian for a long time and have worked side-by-side with them all,” said Stephen Francis on the launch of OneWorld Instech. “The OneWorld team of founders offers the ideal combination of skills, experience, dedication, and ethics needed to accomplish our company goals and our shared vision to continuously innovate to help the industry to stay on the forefront of technology and to maximize its business value.”

“As new products and services are introduced to the market, there arises a new need for systems that can handle the interaction and complexity of the new technologies being utilized. OneWorld Instech’s offering is focused on some of the key areas utilizing microservices and interacting in blockchain experiences,” commented Karen Furtado, partner at Strategy Meets Action.

Aarons-Corman continued, “With the advent of microservices we saw an opportunity to better arm the industry with solutions that looked to and supported the future of insurance. With our solutions built on a microservices architecture, we are able to both quickly deploy and evolve the solutions to deliver new capabilities and take advantage of the latest technologies as they become available.”

James also commented, saying, “While OneWorld Instech and our offerings are able to support all lines of P&C business, our initial target market is companies with global specialty lines of business including Cyber and A&H, and those that need multi-language and multi-currency support. The target market was determined in large part due to the complexity of the business and the critical need for innovation and technologies such as blockchain and IoT.”

About OneWorld Instech

OneWorld Instech is a global insurance technology provider offering solutions built on a modern architecture designed to simplify innovation and future-proof insurance processing.   The OneWorld portfolio is comprised of microservices offering a range of capability options including Bordereaux management, Specialty Lines rating services such as Cyber and A&H and complete policy processing.  The company’s offerings can be deployed standalone or integrated with a carrier’s or MGA’s existing environment. OneWorld’s architecture is also designed to support emerging technologies and functionality such as block chain and smart contracts. For additional information call 833.41WORLD (96753) or visit

Source: OneWorld Instech