Insurance Fraud: Connecting People With Places And Their Activities

Insurance fraud is an ever-evolving challenge for the insurance industry in placing valid coverage, monitoring the risk, and especially in settling claims. Ultimately, fraud is an added cost to consumers.

W3 Intelligence Research Group Inc. employs strategic processes throughout the investigative process to locate, collect, disseminate, and document evidence from internet sources. Their award-winning expert staff is augmented by an infrastructure of processes and technology both proprietary and public facing.

W3IRG's Senior Investigative Consultant Liz Pia will elaborate on their approach to working collaboratively with insurers, industry partners, and stakeholders:

  • Automated processes to both locate and authenticate a person’s social media profiles.
  • Complex search methodologies by trained professionally designated Investigators and Analysts, performed discretely.
  • Locating a broad range of information, some including:
    • Business ownership
    • Affiliations to other people, businesses, groups or organizations
    • Social Media, Apps, Videos and much more
  • Advanced Social Media and Open Source Research reports supported by a comprehensive data citation (chain of custody), certified for authenticity in support of legal court matters and arbitrations.

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W3 Intelligence Research Group

Wednesday, May 31, 1:00-1:30pm (ET)

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Featured Speakers:

Liz Pia
Liz Pia
Senior Investigative Consultant,
W3 Intelligence Research Group

Liz brings over 26 years' experience working with major insurers and legal teams, specializing in Catastrophic Injury, Rehabilitation Case Management, Special Investigations and Dispute Resolution. Liz started her career at State Farm Insurance and has held senior leadership positions with TD Insurance and CAA Insurance Company, leading the Bodily Injury, Investigation and Accident Benefit Dispute Resolution teams. Liz has an integrative approach to leadership development, she is seasoned and results-driven, with the ability to build and mentor high performing teams.

With W3 Intelligence Research Group, Liz is extremely focused on building an exceptional brand with her extensive knowledge in Claims Management, Operations and Dispute Resolution. She has the ability to consult with Insurance Companies, Employers, HR, Law Firms, and Policing on file management, risk management, specifically Social Media and Open-Source Investigations, and other SIU type cases to include insurance fraud, organized crime, and human trafficking.


Doug Grant
Doug Grant

Doug has been helping the insurance industry in Canada – individual companies and cross-industry groups in both P&C and Life – make effective use of technology for many years. Insurance innovation is his passion.

Doug is a founding partner of, a leading resource centre for insurance professionals and consumers. He enjoys planning and hosting industry events, both in-person and virtual, that feature today's changes and tomorrow's possibilities.

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About W3IRG

All evidence gathered by W3 Intelligence Research Group provides verification of authenticity of information using multiple, independent sources for each item of intelligence collected using automated processes to mitigate human error. We continually strive to build onto our infrastructure with new processes and technology in order to be on the cutting-edge of combatting insurance fraud. For more information, please visit

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