How Cognitive Computing is Transforming the Insurance Industry

Is cognitive computing a game-changer for insurance? Ask Watson!

Imagine having a cognitive assistant that learns and understands natural language, just like humans. IBM's Watson is at the forefront of a new era of cognitive computing, in which virtual advisors interact seamlessly with consumers and agents – learning by experience, making better judgments and getting smarter over time.

Join us on February 3rd to learn how IBM's Watson is poised to revolutionize the way the insurance industry engages with its customers – both consumers and agents. Hear how Watson can provide a personalized, consistent experience to customers, at scale, in today's competitive environment. In short, better and more effective service to more customers.

During the webinar, industry experts will answer:

  • What is Watson? What do we mean by cognitive computing?
  • How can Watson help you reach the next level of customer engagement – and beyond?
  • How can Watson be used across the insurance industry?
  • How are innovators in the insurance industry already leveraging its transformative power – and what benefits are they experiencing?


Watson in Insurance Webinar:

How Cognitive Computing is transforming the Insurance Industry

February 3, 2015

Speakers include:

  • Neff Hudson, Vice President for Emerging Channels at USAA
  • Debra Ambrose, Senior Vice President of Distribution, Aviva Canada
  • Anwar Haneef, Partner, Watson Transformation, Financial Services, IBM
  • (Moderator) Doug Grant, Partner,

Is cognitive computing a game-changer for insurance?

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