Cognition+ partners with 3Tree to usher in a new era in broker connectivity

Toronto, ON (June 20, 2022) – 3Tree, a pioneer in connecting insurance brokers and carriers is pleased to announce a ground-breaking digital transformation partnership with Cognition+, to capitalize on the unprecedented connectivity offered by the Unite | Insurance Exchange Service.  Cognition+, a provider of choice in the Mutual insurance policy administration software market, will bring to their users, advanced, real-time broker connectivity – without the need for third-party portals.

“When considering our paths for modernization, we heard the voice of the broker, and recognized that keeping the workflows within their technology of choice – their BMS – was critical in achieving success,” notes Matthew Scott, CEO of Cognition+.  “Our path forward is centered in modern, flexible processing, which leverages the collective strengths of the Cognition+ Enterprise Insurance Management Platform and the Unite | Insurance Exchange Platform. This will allow us to integrate with any stakeholders through a single connectivity solution.”

“The Cognition+ Platform is a great example of how the needs of many can be met when the industry’s overall best interest is kept at the forefront,” notes Steve Gugler, Partner, 3Tree.  “When we established Unite, applications that serve a vast number of parties such as this one with Cognition+ were included in our design process from start-up.”

The partnership will employ a multi-phase approach to deliver full inquiry, quoting and new business upload capability for personal lines by year end, with commercial lines capability in early 2023.

“We have initially focused on including the three BMS that are most prevalently used within our brokerage base.  With Unite, we can quickly add other parties and will continue to augment our available parties list with other brokerage technology vendors, and other BMS,” notes Scott.  “The brokerage technology service market is quickly evolving, and by embracing a modern integration approach, we can rapidly add new vendors that our customers are looking to have access to.”

About 3Tree

3Tree is an industry-leading insurtech. Change-makers and passionate advocates for connectivity, they provide a unique suite of tailor made-for-Canada insurance-focused products, including the Unite Insurance Exchange Platform, DriveDNA and CityPAYD.

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About Cognition+

Cognition+ is an insurance technology provider that empowers insurance companies of all sizes to digitally transform and gain a 360° view of their business. In addition to a fully customizable Enterprise Insurance Management Platform, Cognition+ offers on-demand support, connectivity, cybersecurity, and development services. Established in 1996, and wholly-owned by its clients, Cognition+ has strong longstanding relationships with insurance and technology partners focused on innovation and mutual success. For more information, visit


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