Enter the New Year safely: Watch your speed at intersections

January’s Traffic Safety Spotlight puts the focus back on intersection safety

Regina, SK (Jan. 3, 2022) – By this point in the season, most Saskatchewan drivers have had to put their winter driving skills into practice and there’s a good chance you’ve used those techniques at an intersection. With more snow and ice ahead of us, SGI is focused on intersection safety for January’s Traffic Safety Spotlight.

“A lot is happening at intersections—lights are changing colours, pedestrians are crossing, and vehicles are stopping and going,” said Penny McCune, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund. “That’s why it’s so important for drivers to approach them carefully and cautiously.”

It’s especially crucial to put your best wheel forward in the winter months when intersections are slippery. Here are the top four leading causes of intersection collisions and some tips on how to avoid them:

  • Collision cause: Failure to yield
    • Prevent it by: Knowing the rules of the road. There are many types of intersections: uncontrolled, controlled, four-way stops, T-intersections and merging onto higher-speed roadways; knowing how to navigate each scenario is key to safe driving. Need a refresher? Click here.
  • Collision cause: Driver inattention
    • Prevent it by: Staying alert. As you approach an intersection, pay attention to what other road users are doing, and what the traffic signs and signals are telling you to do. Watch for pedestrians crossing, and vehicles that are slowing, stopped, turning, or stuck. Anticipate a change of a green light to avoid running through an amber or red light.
  • Collision cause: Road conditions
    • Prevent it by: Slowing down when conditions aren’t ideal! By reducing your speed, you will have better control of your vehicle and more time to stop. Scan the road for traction. Look for sand or bare pavement. Drive in the lane or the part of the lane that offers the best traction. Also, winter tires will give you maximum traction and control.
  • Collision cause: Following too closely
    • Prevent it by: Leaving a five to six-second following distance when driving on slippery roads. This, along with driving at an appropriate speed, ensures you (and your vehicle) have enough time to react if the vehicle in front of you stops suddenly.

On average (2016-2020), 2,503 people are injured, and 31 people are killed at intersections each year.

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Source: Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI)

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