Sharp Mobile Announces iMobilebroker 2.0 – Unlimited Potential

Calgary, AB (Feb. 21, 2018) – Sharp Mobile Technology Ltd. is preparing to launch a brand new version of the iMobilebroker platform, the ultimate broker-branded customer experience.

“It has always been our goal to provide best-in-class solutions, and we believe our newest version builds upon that goal,” says Ken Sedgewick, Director of Sales for Sharp Mobile.

iMobilebroker 2.0 will be a complete rebuild of the popular web portal and app. Improvements include more powerful parsing of the EDI data, a more modern front end with improved User Experience features, more configurable elements through the Broker Admin Dashboard, and a built in API layer to allow for unlimited connectivity to whatever the broker wishes.

“We are changing the way customers interact with their insurance. We recognize technology moves very quickly, and we are committed to remaining on the forefront of the changes our industry is going through not just today, but into the future,” says Sedgewick. “Our new platform will allow for unlimited integration opportunities, including direct insurer APIs, chatbots, marketing automation systems, CRMs or anything else you might want to use your customer data for. There’s really unlimited potential.”

About Sharp Mobile Technology Ltd.

Created out of the need for technological advancements in the insurance brokerage industry, Sharp Mobile provides digital solutions geared towards the modern brokerage. Inspired by real-life, day-to-day insurance demands, Sharp Mobile developed the industry’s first mobile app and online portal that offers clients full access to insurance documents and digital pink cards. The mobile app and online portal also support self-service tools including payment information, claims submittal and policy change requests. Sharp Mobile provides digital solutions for brokerages across Canada.

Source: Sharp Mobile Technology Ltd.