Automated Online Office Insurance Could Make Brokers Redundant

Vancouver, BC (Oct. 23, 2017) – Automation is expected to shake up the Canadian office insurance industry in the coming months, which could result in significant insurance broker job losses.

A Canadian small business insurance provider, Front Row Insurance Brokers, has launched a fully automated system that allows small business owners to buy and download business liability insurance and office contents insurance policies online, without ever having to talk to a broker.

“Every industry faces disruption through innovation, and this promises to be a game-changer in the insurance industry,” said International Business Advisor Mark Wardell, President of Wardell International, citing other “disruptors,” including Tesla, Amazon and Uber.

“Insurance salesman, like milkmen, could rapidly see a reduction in their numbers.”

Front Row Insurance’s online model delivers business insurance quotes in 5 minutes and a downloadable insurance policy within 10 minutes, at lower premiums, as brokers and underwriters are removed from the transaction. Visit

“The old model required applications to be completed by the business owner, and then scanned or faxed to the broker who, in turn, sent it to an underwriter for a quote, which then started the process in reverse,” explained David Hamilton, President & CEO of Front Row Insurance.

“The cost under the old model is higher than it should be, the wait for the quote is unnecessary, and the indirect cost for the consumer’s time is expensive,” he added. “Automating the process removes friction and stress from the insurance buying experience, and saves the consumer valuable time and money, which they can invest in their business.”

Front Row Insurance, which has established itself as the premier online insurance provider across Canada, recognizes most consumers prefer direct, self-guided systems.

“Especially younger consumers,” said Hamilton, “they prefer not to have to get on the phone and talk to a broker. Today’s consumers prefer a quick, efficient and convenient solution so they can get on with their day.”

Hamilton noted that office equipment is covered in addition to liability insurance for small business, and earthquake and flood insurance are also offered.

“This is a disruptive product for entrepreneurs looking for a reduction in small business insurance costs and an ability to purchase a policy in minutes without having to speak to a broker,” said Hamilton. “The expected savings should average 20%, and the time saving is significant for a business owner, resulting in an additional indirect cost savings.”

About Front Row Insurance

Founded in 2010, Vancouver, BC-based Front Row Insurance provides cost-effective online insurance solutions to select industries, including: small business, film producers, musicians, theatre producers and commercial photographer. Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc. is an independent insurance broker with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York and Paris.

You can find out more about Front Row Insurance at; see the fully automated system at

SOURCE: Front Row Insurance

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